Long Island Ladder Accident Lawyer

Long Island Ladder Accident Lawyer

Climbing ladders is a necessary part of many people’s everyday lives, but if a fall from a ladder has left you injured, you might be eligible for compensation if the accident was someone else’s fault. For help, partner with a Long Island ladder injury lawyer.

The risk for injury on a job site is quite high. Many workers who have been injured on the job mistakenly believe that their only option for compensation is a work comp claim. While this is true in many cases, the involvement of a third party or a willfully negligent employer might provide the option of pursuing a personal injury claim.

While some types of accidents will be eligible for workers comp, if you’ve been injured by falling from a defective ladder, you may have grounds to pursue compensation from the manufacturer in a product liability claim.

Regardless of the circumstances of your ladder accident, working with a Long Island ladder accident lawyer at Siler & Ingber, LLP will give your claim a strong chance of success.

What Caused the Fall?

When a worker is injured by a defective piece of equipment, such as a ladder, the manufacturer can be held responsible. A defective ladder can land a worker in the hospital with broken bones, a traumatic brain injury, or neck and back injuries, just to name a few. Your Long Island ladder accident attorney will help you file a product liability case in instances like these.

Also, if you were deliberately pushed off of a ladder by your employer, a third party other than your employer caused your ladder injury, or your employer doesn’t carry workers comp insurance, you may be able to pursue damages in a personal injury suit.

Even if you fell off of a ladder at home, you might be able to pursue compensation for your damages from the manufacturer if the ladder was defective.

Compensation for Your Long Island Ladder Accident

Determining the Value of Your Claim

Establishing cause and fault are some of the first steps in building your product liability or personal injury claim. Next, you should work with your lawyer to assess the full value of your ladder accident claim.

Your Long Island ladder accident injury lawyer will help you put a price tag on all your damages, including those that don’t directly cost you money but still impact your life.

This list describes just a few of the potential losses you may be able to recover compensation for with a product liability or personal injury claim after a ladder accident:

  • Loss of income or earning potential
  • All accident-related medical bills, including anticipated expenses
  • Home care
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish and therapy
  • Reduced quality of life overall

Connect with a Long Island Ladder Injury Lawyer

If you don’t fight back, a ladder accident that wasn’t your fault could change the direction of your life and limit you for years. Don’t let that happen.

No matter if your ladder accident was the result of a manufacturer’s negligence or that of your employer, you can hold the responsible party accountable with the help of Siler & Ingber, LLP.

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