Bulging or Herniated Disc Settlements After an Accident

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While any injury sustained in a car accident is frightening, a back injury from a vehicle collision can be especially devastating because this is the area where the nerves that control the rest of the body exit from. Two of the most common back injuries sustained during a car accident are bulging and herniated discs….

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Faulty or Unsafe Construction Equipment Injuries

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In 2015 in Manhattan, the safety coordinator of a construction project that was underway was tragically killed when the hydraulics on a crane that was being used malfunctioned. The worker was crushed between his flatbed truck and the boom. He was checking on mechanical problems with the crane when the boom fell on top of…

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Can You Reopen an Injury Case?

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There are instances when the reopening of a case is allowed. Each case is unique and whether a case can be reopened or not depends on the specific circumstances of the case. An experienced attorney in Long Island can review an injury case to determine if reopening it is possible. Can a Personal Injury Lawsuit…

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Has The #MeToo Movement Gone Too Far?

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The #MeToo movement has gained significant momentum since going viral in October 2017. With millions of shares over multiple social media platforms worldwide, many survivors of sexual abuse and harassment have worked up the courage to publicly confront their abusers, even highlighting scandals among a very high profile crowd. However, with every movement aimed to…

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Has The #MeToo Movement Gone Too Far?

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