Mineola Personal Injury Lawyer

Don’t take on the legal system alone when you need to recover damages for an injury someone else caused. Instead, let an experienced personal injury attorney in Mineola help you.

Nothing can change the course of your life like a serious or catastrophic injury can. A bad injury can leave you in need of extended medical care, unable to work, and dealing with emotional trauma and an endless stream of bills and expenses.

Adding insult to the injury, the sense of injustice can seem overwhelming when someone else caused the accident that led to your injury. You didn’t cause your injury, so why are you the one paying for the cost of your recovery?

The short answer is that you shouldn’t be. By working with a Mineola personal injury lawyer from Siler & Ingber, LLP, you can recover the compensation you need and deserve from the party who was at fault.

Your Accident Could Qualify for a Personal Injury Claim

New York law recognizes a number of situations in which you could be injured and qualify for financial compensation. With few exceptions, as long as someone else was responsible, you might have grounds to pursue an injury claim.

These are just a few of the accident scenarios in which our injury attorneys have successfully helped victims recover the full cost of their damages and losses:

  • Motor Vehicle Crashes – From passenger cars to motorcycles, semi-trucks to boats, vehicle accidents are easily the most common cause of injury-causing accidents. You have every right to hold a negligent driver, parts manufacturer, or other responsible party accountable.
  • Medical Malpractice – While malpractice claims are a bit different from most injury claims, you still have legal options available to seek damages from a negligent healthcare provider.
  • Premises Liability – Property owners do not have the right to leave buildings in disrepair or hazards unattended. Such negligence can make them responsible for any injuries you suffered as a result.
  • Work and Construction Accidents – Getting hurt on the job doesn’t always limit you to workers comp. If a third party or willful negligence were involved, a personal injury claim might be an option.
  • Product Liability – Manufacturers don’t get to produce dangerous, defective products and get away with it. No matter how big the company is, we can help you recover compensation.

All the Damages You’re Owed

There is no second place in litigation. These are the words that our personal injury lawyers live by. You either recover all the compensation you’re owed or you wind up having to pay out of pocket for losses you weren’t responsible for. We’ll make certain that you get maximum compensation.

To begin with, you need to be compensated for all of the financial losses caused by your injury and accident. Medical bills, lost income, home modifications, transportation and therapy expenses—they all need to be included.

Likewise, your attorney will also ensure that you are fairly compensated for your non-economic damages. These could include any losses you’ve experienced to your quality of life, such as pain and suffering, emotional trauma, lost companionship, and permanent disfigurement.

A Mineola Injury Attorney Can Help You

At Siler & Ingber, LLP, we won’t settle for anything less than the most compensation for our clients. If you would like to discuss your case with an experienced Mineola personal injury lawyer and explore your options in detail, just complete the contact form below or give us a call at 1-877-718-6079.

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