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If someone’s carelessness has left you dealing with a debilitating back injury, a Long Island spine injury lawyer can help you obtain the full compensation you are legally owed.

Suffering a serious spine injury of any sort can dramatically affect your life. From fractured vertebrae to direct damage to the spinal cord, chronic pain and reduced mobility are both incredibly common results. They certainly aren’t the only ones, however, as a back injury can lead to a mountain of expenses and significant damage to your quality of life.

When someone else caused the spinal injury, you have the option to seek monetary compensation for your losses by filing a personal injury claim. That being said, getting fair treatment and full damages is not easy. Insurance companies will try to underpay you if they can, and opposing attorneys are not above pinning blame on you regardless of what really happened.

You can avoid these challenges by working with a Long Island spine injury lawyer from Siler & Ingber, LLP. We’ll build the compelling case you need, handle the interactions with the other side, and let you get back to what’s really important: living your life and making your recovery.

Establishing Fault and Proving It

In order to be successful, a personal injury claim needs to be backed up with a case built on convincing evidence and witness testimony. This is true regardless of the accident type that your back was hurt in. New York observes comparative negligence, so any fault that the other side manages to push onto you will reduce the amount of compensation you recover. If they can convince a jury that you are 40 percent at fault, then that means your compensation will be reduced by 40 percent.Your Long Island spine injury lawyer will put together a case that specifically limits your liability while fully detailing the at-fault party’s. Our firm will investigate what happened and collect all of the available evidence, no matter what the accident was:

The High Cost of Spinal Damage

Living with and recovering from a serious back injury are both expensive. Whether your spinal damage is temporary or permanent, you’re likely facing a number of expenses that you shouldn’t have to cover the bill for. Most notable are all of the medical expenses that will be incurred. Whether you need surgical procedures, physical therapy, chiropractic care, or regular checkups, the compensation recovered from your personal injury claim should account for all of your needs, including the future ones.

Because spine injuries frequently result in paralysis and limited mobility, your ability to work and earn an income might be compromised—possibly completely. All of this lost money and future earnings also needs to be taken into account, all the way to retirement age if your back injury is permanent.

Mobility equipment, such as wheelchairs and power scooters, isn’t inexpensive, either. Nor is renovating your home to make it handicap-accessible, such as by adding a wheelchair ramp. Your Long Island spine injury lawyer will work closely with you and your doctor to assess all of your losses and arrive at a full estimation of your claim’s value.

Back Injuries and Diminished Quality of Life

Your compensation also needs to account for your non-economic damages: how your quality of life has suffered because of the back injury. In a spine injury case, these losses can be substantial—particularly if you were paralyzed. Losing mobility can lead to a great deal of lost enjoyment of life, as you may no longer be able to perform tasks and activities you once did with ease.

Adjusting to new disabilities and physical handicaps can also lead to a great deal of emotional distress. It’s not easy to adjust to a completely new way of living—especially when it’s been forced upon you by someone else’s negligence.

A paralyzing spinal injury can also lead to lost companionship, and it can greatly hurt your marriage. You may not be able to take part in social activities, and these injuries often involve lost sexual function. These are losses that a Long Island spine injury lawyer from our office will ensure that you are compensated for.

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