Long Island Broken Bone Lawyer

Long Island Broken Bone Lawyer

Don’t let a broken bone or fracture hurt your finances and wellbeing when someone else was negligent. Get full compensation for your losses by working with a Long Island broken bone lawyer.

Possibly the most common form of personal injury, broken and fractured bones can lead to expenses and lost quality of life that are every bit as substantial as those caused by other serious injury types. If you’ve suffered a broken bone, whether in a car crashproperty accident, or something else, you’re legally entitled to compensation for your losses if someone else is at fault for the accident.

Unfortunately, you can’t count on the at-fault party to fairly compensate you—especially if an insurance company or opposing attorney is involved. They’ll do everything they can to limit their financial liability, which is why it’s important to work with an experienced Long Island broken bone lawyer from Siler & Ingber, LLP.

Recovering from a Bone Fracture Is Expensive

Healthcare is never inexpensive. Even the cleanest break or fracture will require medical care to set and heal properly. In the worst cases—where a bone is crushed or breaks through the skin—surgery might be required, as well as significant care in order to avoid infection afterward.

Depending on your job and whether you broke an arm, leg, or some other bone that makes it impossible to perform your duties, you might be unable to earn an income while your bone injury heals. This is a bad situation to be in, as it becomes difficult to pay the bills while you need constant care in order to recover.

There will be other expenses, as well, such as transportation costs and possibly even medical and mobility equipment. Your Long Island broken bone lawyer will ensure that all of your financial losses are included in your compensation, including any anticipated future losses that will result from the bone injury.

Broken Bones and Lost Quality of Life

While you’ll probably recover in time, a broken bone can greatly reduce the quality of your life while it heals. The physical pain is likely to be substantial, especially if there was a compound fracture, open wound, or surgery involved.

You’ll probably experience quite a bit of lost enjoyment of life while the bone is broken. You won’t be able to participate in physical activities such as sports and many around-the-house chores. Not being able to work can also cause substantial emotional distress, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or have no one who can fill in at work while you’re off.

These losses may not have dollar values, but they should still be compensated. Non-economic damages are important, and you deserve to have all of your pain and suffering considered in your compensation.

Help from a Long Island Bone Fracture Lawyer

Broken bones can lead to serious expenses and losses. At Siler & Ingber, LLP, we have a thorough understanding of personal injury law and the experience to back it up. We offer a free consultation to each new client, so you can discover how we can help you with no obligation involved. To schedule a time to speak with a Long Island broken bone lawyer, just call 1-516-294-2666 or complete the contact form below.

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