Halloween Safe Driving on Long Island

Halloween Safe Driving on Long Island

Swarms of trick-or-treaters will be roaming Long Island streets next weekend, and motorists planning to be on the road must stay alert. Children of all ages will be out knocking on doors, attending Halloween parties, and making up for lost fun last season due to the pandemic.

While some motor vehicle accidents are unavoidable, most Halloween-related traffic accidents are preventable by following simple traffic laws that prove to keep pedestrians safe. Here are just a few Halloween accident stats you can share with your family and friends to help keep your community safe this October 31.

Halloween Night Car Accident Statistics

Halloween is supposed to be a holiday full of delicious treats and spooky tricks. But sadly, hundreds of people die every year on this holiday due to traffic accidents, and 18 percent of these fatalities are children. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, pedestrians out on Halloween are twice as likely to become victims of a motor vehicle accident than on any other day of the year.

Traffic fatalities on October 31 fluctuate annually depending on the day of the week the holiday falls. A new study by AutoInsurance.org, analyzing Halloween-related accidents in the last 25 years, found that weekday holidays have higher traffic fatality rates. More residents are concentrated on their daily schedules on weekdays and forget to look for Halloween patrons. However, this trend doesn’t mean weekends are any safer.

Such as this upcoming holiday, Sundays have ranked as the third deadliest day for Halloween to fall in the last two decades. One of the deadliest Halloween Sundays on record occurred in 2004 with 143 fatalities reported– the second most fatal Halloween in 25 years.

Why Do Car Accidents Occur on Halloween

There are more than enough factors to make Halloween one of the most dangerous holidays on American roads. For starters, children running around in the dark is a recipe for disaster. Between poorly lit walkways, uneven pavement, tripping hazards from costumes, and impulsive trick-or-treaters ready to bolt into the street, drivers must always be on their best behavior– unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Most Halloween-related car accidents are preventable and occur due to reckless or aggressive driving behaviors that are especially dangerous when kids and families share the road. These behaviors include:

Pedestrian accidents due to reckless driving behaviors often result in severe and fatal injuries. It only takes a few seconds of looking away from the road to miss a trick-or-treater darting across the street. It’s even harder to see pedestrians when driving at night, leaving drivers even less time to react to road hazards.

Safe Halloween Driving Tips 

To help keep our Long Island community safe, it is up to everyone to help keep everyone safe this Halloween. Whether you are a driver sorting through the Halloween chaos or a pedestrian venturing out on the streets, here are some safety tips from the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration to help reduce Halloween-related traffic fatalities this year.

Safety Tips for For Drivers

  • Keep your speed lower than usual in neighborhoods and on any street trick-or-treaters frequent;
  • Watch the road at all times;
  • Reduce distractions such as talking with passengers, talking on the phone, texting, or listening to loud music;
  • Allow pedestrians the right of way;
  • Stop at all stop signs and traffic lights;
  • Use your turn signals;
  • Keep your lights when trick-or-treat hours begin;
  • Watch the crosswalks before turning; and
  • Never drive under the influence.

Safety Tips for Pedestrians 

  • Always supervise kids under the ages of 12 when trick-or-treating;
  • Carry glow sticks and flashlights;
  • Use reflective tape on dark costumes so cars can see you;
  • Encourage kids to slow down and not to run into the road;
  • If following in a vehicle, turn on your headlights to make it easier for kids on your street to navigate;
  • Always cross at crosswalks when available; and
  • Select costumes that do not cover a child’s vision or drag on the ground to prevent tripping.

Have a fun, safe, and healthy Halloween, Long Island!


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