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The Long Island injury lawyers at Siler and Ingber, LLP believe in the power of the community. It is for that reason that our team of experienced attorneys is more than happy to speak at a variety of local events and gatherings in Long Island.

With more than 20 years of experience in litigation, we can provide an insight to the specific aspects of the law, about the profession, share our experiences and expertise, and even comment on the various events and laws in Long Island as members of the community.

This serves as an open invitation for anyone and everyone to ask our attorneys to come to your local community events for free lectures. We can discuss the following legal topics:

  1. Anything and everything related to personal injury.
    1. Car accidents: laws in New York that may affect your case, how to file a car accident report, how to obtain your car accident report

    2. Being aware of safety hazards in and around your home or apartment: slippery sidewalks, poorly lit hallways, elevator accidents, inadequate building security.

  2. Workplace incidents: Receiving compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and emotional distress.
  3. Nursing home abuse: How to find the signs of nursing home abuse, different types of elder abuse to be aware of, how and where to report nursing home abuse, and how to receive adequate compensation.
  4. Staying safe during the holidays (like an increase of drunk driving on St. Patrick’s Day or food allergy mishaps on Valentine’s Day),
  5. Cold and flu season (how to stay healthy during the winter season)
  6. Why drowsy driving is extremely dangerous (less sleep poses a higher risk of a car accident).
  7. How to get your medical bills paid after an accident
  8. What to do if you’ve received defective drugs (because a medication is supposed to make you feel better, not worse)
Our law firm has served the Long Island community for over 20 years. Since then, we’ve continued to show our community support for events like Heart Health Awareness Month, Cops Who Care food distribution event, and giving away goodies at the Myrtle Avenue Street Fair in Queens. We want to continue providing our services for the community and giving back by discussing:

Give us a call at 1-516-294-2666 if you’re interested in having one of our attorneys speak at your event.

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