Our Personal Injury Attorneys Explain the 5 Types of Laceration Injuries

Our Personal Injury Attorneys Explain the 5 Types of Laceration Injuries

Laceration injuries can be extremely painful for the victims and require immediate treatment or in worst cases even cosmetic surgery. The pain and the suffering caused by a laceration injury can be permanent. If you have suffered a laceration injury after an accident then get in touch with a personal injury lawyer in New York because after such an incident, you have all the rights to receive financial compensation.

What is Laceration?

When the skin, tissue or muscle is cut or torn open, this kind of wound is called a laceration. Lacerations may be wide or narrow, long or short and deep or shallow. Most of the lacerations occur as a result of the skin hitting an object with force. A laceration injury needs proper medical attention as the edges around the wound appear jagged and torn. Without proper treatment or repair of the wound, you might be left with a scar for life.

The 5 Types of Laceration Injuries are:-

  • Split Laceration
  • This kind of laceration occurs when the skin & the subcutaneous tissue is crushed between two hard objects. The blunt impact Split laceration usually appears on the head, scalp, face, hands and lower legs.

  • Chop Laceration
  • The chop laceration is also known as cut laceration and it is the most common of all types. In this kind of injury, a cut occurs that has been caused by a sharp object like a knife, scissor, axe etc which creates a break in the skin and the underlying tissue.

  • Grinding Compression
  • This kind of laceration injury is similar to how a person peels a cucumber or a potato. Basically, in grinding compression the skin of a person is peeled back after an object hits the skin with a blunt impact that either occurs at an angle or a sweeping motion. The impact with which the object hits the skin, the underlying tissue is crushed, causing the first layer of the skin to peel away.

  • Tearing
  • An irregular directed impact by a blunt object can tear the skin. The broken skin in such an Injury gets ripped because of the pressure. It is the pressure that causes the wound to get pushed in opposite directions.

  • Over-stretching
  • When a single angular force hits the skin and either pushes or pulls the skin, this type of injury is called over-stretching laceration. The force or the impact causes the skin to stretch & break. An example of this kind of laceration injury is hitting the head on the windshield, where the glass pierces through the scalp skin at an angle and continues to go deeper inside which results in ripping the skin beyond the first point of impact of the glass.

Hire a Lawyer who can help you Recover Compensation

If you have suffered a laceration injury after an accident and are looking to get in touch with a new York construction accident attorney or a new York car accident attorney. Contact Siler & Ingber’s team of attorneys today as they are experts when it comes to any kind of personal injury cases. They understand your pain and suffering and hence go far and beyond to get you the compensation you are entitled to for your injuries. Contact today!!

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