New York Car Accident Lawyer

New York Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are incredibly stressful and strain our emotional, mental and physical well-being. They are more stressful and frustrating, primarily when your injuries result from someone else’s negligence. Post your car accident; you must know how to get compensated correctly. This compensation helps pay for your recovery and for getting your life back on track. Work with a new york car accident lawyer to help secure the compensation you are entitled to.

Car accidents are devastating and can cause significant havoc in one’s life. You can get severely injured and even suffer from disabling and permanent damages resulting in a lifetime of recovery. Some car accidents can even lead to death which can cause immense suffering to the family and loved ones of the deceased.

That’s not all. Victims also have to suffer from massive car damage, and car repairs can cost thousands depending upon the extent of damage and the exhaustive time it takes to schedule and follow up on the repair work.

So, from expensive car repairs, emergency medical care, surgeries, and follow-up procedures that increase your medical bill quickly, adding thousands of dollars to the victim’s financial strain.
When you find yourself in a severe car accident caused by negligence, working with a new york car accident attorney is essential.

At Siler & Ingber, LLP, we have witnessed several cases of car accident victims whose number damages have been blindsided post the car crash. Our highly experienced accident attorneys have witnessed first-hand the hardships endured by our clients for years or even decades after the initial trauma occurred. Our attorney walks alongside you and supports your legal pursuit to secure the maximum compensation you need for your recovery process.


As per reports, there were 228,047 reported motor vehicle accidents in New York City in 2018. That means more than 600 accidents every day! Moreover, accidents occur across all five Burroughs but Queens has emerged to be the most dangerous as it accounts for 29 percent of all accidents in New York.

Get Compensation for Your Injuries and Crash Damages

Generally, victims rely on their insurance companies to provide the financial support they require to recover from a severe accident. But victims must remember that insurance companies are profitable businesses that don’t always have your best interests in mind. These insurance companies focus on reducing expenses whenever possible and are unlikely to lose maximum benefits without any fight.

Despite receiving maximum benefit from an insurance company, the sum is often far lesser than the average car accident victim requires to pay the overall damages sustained post the crash.
The amount received doesn’t always consider long-term medical needs and only focuses on the upfront costs needed for emergency medical services.

When you seek representation from an experienced car accident lawyer in New York, you increase your chances of recovering the financial support you require for a full recovery.

Take a look at some of the common damages an experienced car accident lawyer helps to secure:

  • Medical bills for procedures, prescriptions, surgeries, treatments, and follow-up appointments for all accident-related injuries.
  • Loss of employment (if any)
  • Therapy costs (both emotional and physical)
  • Any emotional distress
  • Any pain or suffering
  • Wages reduction or loss
  • Any vehicle repairs or replacement expenses

We take a comprehensive look at every case to establish the realistic cost of damages sustained after an accident that usually increases whenever serious injuries occur.

Laws in New York That Can Affect Your Case

When you are working with a New York car accident lawyer from our law firm, the appointed attorney’s initial decision is to review your case’s facts and begin an investigation to determine who was responsible and how to proceed with the case.

New York is a “no-fault” car insurance state. This means that no matter who was at fault in your accident, both parties must first seek compensation from their own insurer before filing a personal injury claim. No-fault is designed to reduce lawsuits by eliminating reliance for compensation on the at-fault driver. An injured party is eligible to file a claim beyond the no-fault system and seek compensation from those at fault if damages exceed $50,000; the injured party shows evidence of serious injury, disability, or disfigurement; or the accident resulted in a wrongful death.

What does it mean that New York is a no-fault state?

It means that the state of New York asks drivers to carry no-fault insurance, which is designed to cover your medical bills and lost wages after your car accident, regardless of who was at fault.

It also means you will need to prove you had a serious injury if you need to file a claim for additional compensation. These claims can cover intangible damages like pain and suffering.


Take a look at laws in new york that can affect your case:

1. New York State protects the rights of drivers who have been injured in an accident because of negligence or recklessness. Every driver must use safe driving behaviors to reduce harm to others on the road. However, when these expectations are not upheld, it results in a severe accident.

2. New York requires its drivers to hold “no-fault” insurance. No fault indicates that both parties just need to file a claim with their insurance company to seek compensation damages irrespective of who was responsible for the car accident. No-fault helps reduce the number of lawsuits filed in court to fight for financial support when it comes to immediate medical damages post a car accident. The car accident victims can be quickly reimbursed up to $50,000 for all accident-related medical expenses.

Costs and almost 80% of lost wages, with a maximum amount of $2,000 a week.

3. Accident victims can even file for additional compensation when they show evidence of severe disfigurement, injury or if the car accident has resulted in wrongful death. An experienced New York car accident attorney is crucial in such situations for maximizing the number of damages that can be legally claimed, apart from immediate damages or injuries.

4. Car Accident victims must remember that they must file a personal injury claim in New York state within three years to be eligible to receive compensation post an accident.

We have a knowledgeable team at Siler & Ingber who understand our clients’ stress that’s endured after an accident, especially when seeking legal repercussions.

Our team will give you a call as soon as you are well. Our goal is to secure financial support and fight for our client’s best interests, which offers them justice and peace of mind.

Car Accident Attorney New York: Questions To Ask A Lawyer After A Car Accident

Feeling confused is normal after a car accident. There will be several questions in your mind related to your car accident case, and you want to do everything possible to get the financial help you deserve.

Approaching and working with an experienced car accident lawyer is the best way of streamlining your efforts post the car accident.

So, you need to know a few practical questions to ask your lawyer to help you understand your case better and learn how to go about everything.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team at Siler & Ingber, LLP is well experienced in personal injury and knows which pitfalls to avoid when filing a claim.
Take a look at some of the most common questions our clients usually ask when beginning to pursue their claim:

Who Do I Seek Compensation From If A Rideshare Driver hit me?

There is a high rise in cases involving Uber and Lyft as several New Yorkers choose ridesharing options over personal vehicles and public transit.

Accidents that involve ridesharing apps can include filing a claim against the driver or the rideshare company. This depends on the status of the rideshare app at the time of the accident and whether the driver had a paying ride in progress.

Which Pieces Of Evidence Do I Need?

An important question to ask your lawyer. Evidence is the foundation of a successful personal injury case. The more evidence collected in a case, the higher the chances of maximizing the number of benefits of your claim.

Different pieces of evidence can be claimed in a car accident, such as police reports, medical records, witness statements, doctors’ notes, videotapes or paragraphs.

It’s crucial to remember that all evidence cannot be gathered after the accident scene is cleared.

Further, your attorney might require photographs of the scene of the crash, a police report copy, medical records, witness statements, and even a statement from the doctor outlining the severity of your injuries. You must document as much as you can as it is good evidence.

Who Is Responsible For Dangerous Road Conditions?

If your car accident occurs due to a dangerous or poorly kept road, you might be eligible to file a claim against the party responsible for maintaining the same. Uneven lanes, potholes, missing lanes, and inadequate signage are some hazards that can cause serious accidents that are out of the driver’s control.

The individual or authority responsible for your crash is circumstantial.

What Happens When I Have Been Injured In A Car Wreck With An Uninsured Driver?

Uninsured driver claims offered by eligible insurance plans may offer some car accident victims compensation for damages post the crash. However, the coverage will not likely be enough to cover the total damage costs you sustain. Sometimes, you can even file a lawsuit against the driver directly. You must talk to your attorney about this, as they will help you determine your claim’s ideal course of action and produce a favorable result.

How Long Do I Have To File?

According to New York state laws, car accident victims can file a personal injury claim for compensation three years from the date of an accident. Post the three-year deadline, it is infrequent that the claim will result in monetary awards.

Am I At Fault For A Single Car Crash?

Single car accidents generally occur due to poorly kept roads, missing lanes, inadequate signage, and other vital safety measures. Municipalities and private construction crews are responsible for maintaining the roads and can be held accountable if negligent practices result in an accident.

How Can a New York Car Accident Lawyer Help Me After A Car Accident?

Dealing with all the logistics post a car accident can be a time-consuming and exhaustive process along with being time-consuming and frustrating—especially when dealing with injuries that require medical attention.

Contacting an experienced New York car accident attorney is an ideal way of handling all matters with the insurance companies and various other parties to the accident. The attorney knows how to protect your rights and file your claim within the set time frame, which is essential when seeking compensation for your accident.

Types Of Car Crashes

Every car crash can be unsettling. A New York car accident attorney from our office has experience representing all types of car accident cases, including the following:

  • Rear-End Collisions

These types of accidents usually occur when two vehicles collide front to back. Rear-end collisions are prevalent in New York. Generally, like whiplash, neck and back injuries might occur whenever rear-end accidents happen at high speed.

  • T-Bone Accidents

These types of car accidents involve the front end of one vehicle striking the side of another. They are popular at intersections when the drivers fail to stop for the car the correct way.

  • Sideswipes

Sideswipes occur when vehicles strike or scrape sides. They are common on narrow or congested roads, such as bike lanes and street parking.

  • Head-On-Collisions

These accidents occur when two vehicles strike each other from the front. These are the deadliest when speeding is involved.

  • Roll-Over Accidents

These accidents occur when vehicles with a high center of gravity lose control and roll over one or multiple times onto the side of the roof. SUVs, vans and large trucks are prone to roll-over accidents.

How To Identify What Caused Your Car Accident?

Our experienced team at Siler & Ingber have witnessed the global implications suffered by our clients due to the aftermath of a car accident. Whenever your safety is at risk, our team is always here to fight for your right to safe driving conditions and secure the compensation you deserve.
Take a look at some of the most common causes of car accidents:

  • Distracted Driving

Distracted drivers are responsible for causing catastrophic damage on the road. Distractions can include talking, texting, applying makeup, smoking or reaching for something on the other seat.

  • Drunk Driving

Driving while intoxicated is illegal in New York state. Even consuming a single drink can alter the driver’s perception and ability to sense hazards.

  • Drowsy Driving

Drivers suffering from fatigue usually put other occupants on the road in danger. Fatigued drivers may fall asleep, swerve, or make other reckless decisions leading to accidents.

  • Speeding

Speeding on urban streets might result in deadly consequences and is highly aggressive driving behavior that increases the risks of both fatalities and accidents to occur.

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While the days and weeks after a car accident can be overwhelming, there is hope. Contact a New York car accident lawyer with Siler & Ingber, LLP today and begin the process of getting the compensation you deserve. Call 1-516-294-2666, or use the online contact form on this page to schedule a free consultation.

Laws in New York That Can Affect Your Case

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