Fourth of July Safety Tips

Fourth of July Safety Tips

It’s here…the “Official” start to summer. Nothing says summer more than Independence Day, the All-American holiday filled with backyard BBQs, fireworks, trips to the beach, pool parties, and more! This is the time when many people relax, let their guard down, and safety takes a backseat.

According to The National Safety Council (NSC), more than 480 will be killed and over 55,000 will be injured on the road over the Fourth of July weekend. Alcohol consumption, collisions with cars transporting fireworks, and impaired driving are a few reasons for these disturbing numbers. The statistics are also high during the week before Independence Day, as more cars are on the road for road trips & airport travel increases.

Everyone at Siler & Ingber would like you to have a happy and safe holiday weekend. Here are some Fourth of July safety tips to help ensure you can celebrate the holiday to the fullest.

Fourth of July Fireworks Safety

Fireworks are extremely dangerous on their own when in the hands of non-professionals. They are one of the most obvious dangers associated with the holiday. Each city and state have its laws concerning fireworks. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the laws governing fireworks usage in your area.

The danger of fireworks is intensified when alcohol is involved. Inhibitions are lowered and proper safety steps are usually ignored while under the influence. This is how terrible accidents can happen. Common injuries from improper use of fireworks include burns, lacerations, hand and eye injuries, loss of fingers, facial injuries, and hearing loss.

If you or a loved one has been injured by someone’s irresponsible use of fireworks, the experienced Long Island personal injury Attorneys at Siler & Ingber will help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

Fourth of July Grill Safety

Delicious BBQ is central to the 4th of July celebrations. Working over a hot grill can be dangerous if proper safety measures aren’t taken. Improper grilling techniques can lead to serious burn injuries.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), an estimated average of 19,700 people per year went to hospital emergency departments because of injuries associated with grills or barbecues in 2014–2018. Roughly half of these injuries (9,500) were thermal burns.

You can minimize the risks by:

  • Placing the grill outdoors in a well-ventilated area. Away from trees, shrubs, and the house.
  • Avoid adding lighter fluid to coals that are already lit with flames.
  • Be sure to have a fire extinguisher in reach.
  • Never leave the grill unattended
  • Be sure to have a sober adult handling the grill

If you have been the victim of someone’s irresponsible grilling techniques and suffered injuries, the experienced Long Island Burn Attorneys at Siler & Ingber will help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

Fourth of July Party Host Safety Tips

Are you planning on hosting the Fourth of July festivities at your home?

If so, then you need to be aware of potential hazards and take extra steps to decrease the risk of potential injuries to your guests on your property.

As a property owner, you have the legal responsibility to provide due care to avoid injury to those on your property. To protect yourself against a premises liability case, examine your home and property for potential hazards. If children will be attending, designate an area for them to play. Be sure to block off areas that may contain poisonous plants, debris, sharp objects, animals, and uninvited guests. If you are a pet owner, be aware that the most docile animals may become frightened by fireworks and bite someone.

To avoid slip and fall situations, it’s essential to clean up any spilled liquids, dropped food, or broken items. Move any obstacles your guests may trip over such as exposed cables, hoses, etc.

If you or a loved one has been injured on someone’s property due to neglect, the experienced Long Island Premises Liability Attorneys at Siler & Ingber will help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

Fourth of July Pool Safety Tips

A backyard BBQ + a swimming pool = the ideal combination for summer fun. Taking a dip in the cool water on a hot summer day is fun for everyone. However, if proper steps aren’t taken, the “ideal summer fun” can become a tragic disaster.

Be sure to have a lifeguard supervising all pool activities. Supervision can sometimes discourage rough play and dangerous behaviors from children and adults. Prohibit pool toys and games that may impose risks and injuries.

It’s also important to have Coast Guard approved life jackets and floatation devices available in case there’s an emergency.

As a pool owner, you should adhere to the following:

  • Avoid having intoxicated individuals entering the pool.
  • Most residential pools do not meet the depth requirement for diving. Keep your guests from diving.
  • No running in the pool area
  • Do not let anyone swim alone.

If you have suffered an injury from a swimming pool accident and need compensation, the Pool Safety Personal Injury Attorneys at Siler & Ingber are here for you.

Siler & Ingber Personal Injury Attorneys Hope You Have a Happy Fourth of July

This is a holiday that should be filled with happiness, loved ones, and great memories. Unfortunately, this holiday also come along with personal injuries from neglect and dangerous behavior. These Fourth of July Safety tips are to help you and your family minimize the chances of having a terrible accident.

If you have been the victim of an accident, you will need an experienced Long Island Personal Injury Attorney to fight for you. Here at Siler & Ingber, we are determined to get our clients fully compensated for their losses. We are passionate about getting the best results for you and your loved ones.

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