Safe Driver’s Pledge

Safe Driver’s Pledge

I value the preservation of life above all else.

In Memory of Allison Liao

Allison Liao, just 3 years old, was killed October 2013 while crossing the street with her grandmother when they had the right of way.
In NYC, 5 children are hit by vehicles daily. Every 2 hours, a New Yorker is seriously injured or killed by a vehicle.

  • I pledge to give pedestrians the right of way at all times.
  • I pledge to always look for pedestrians in the crosswalk every time and to slow down when making turns.
  • I pledge not to drive into a crosswalk when I see the signal is turning red and to stop at the stop bar when available.
  • I pledge to pull over to a safe place every time I need to operate my device, even if it is just to check the screen.
  • I pledge to drive slowly in school zones and not pass a school bus that has its STOP sign out and the red lights flashing.
  • If I drive my children to school, I will drop them off and pick them up in a safe manner, not double parking or letting them out in the middle of the block. I will find a safe place to pull over or park.
  • I pledge never to drive if I am impaired, even slightly, by drugs or alcohol.
  • I pledge to remind myself that no matter who is right or wrong on the road, my car can take someone’s life if I drive recklessly.
  • I pledge to remain on the scene if I ever hit a pedestrian or cyclist, and to call 911.
  • I will tell everyone who rides in my vehicle about this pledge and ask them to hold me accountable if I am lapsing in my commitment.

I take this pledge because I never want to take someone’s life or injure a person because I am driving recklessly, thoughtlessly, selfishly or angrily. I will remember that each time I turn on my engine, I can take someone’s life with my car. I never want another family to lose a loved one because I am rushing, angry or distracted behind the wheel.

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