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Staten Island Accident Injuries and Fatality Statistics

A serious accident can cause injuries that could derail your life. Astronomical medical bills and recovery time coupled with disruption in your job and income, may put you in a place where you feel that you cannot figure it all out. Have no fear. We at Siler & Ingber are focused on helping accident victims put their lives back together after a serious injury.

Our highly skilled legal professionals at Siler & Ingber have decades of experience getting full compensation for our clients so they can recover in body and spirit. We understand that an injury can be financially devastating, so we make sure to do what it takes for our clients to restore their financial footing, and give them time to focus on healing.

Siler & Ingber can effectively negotiate an advantageous settlement or go to trial on your behalf. Our primary goal is to make sure that your case is resolved in a way that optimizes compensation for you and your family. Call today at 877-718-6079.

Car Accidents in Staten Island

Over the last three years, there have been an average of 1,200 motorist injuries, and 5 motorists killed every year in accidents in Staten Island. In fact, across the nation, car accidents are one of the leading causes of personal injuries overall. The sheer volume of accidents leads to billions of dollars spent on medical expenses, and rehabilitative services.

If you have been involved in a car crash in Staten Island, you would be wise to at least find out what legal options you have. Being the victim of someone else’s negligence means that the negligent driver, or the driver’s insurance company, needs to compensate you for your injuries.

We at Siler & Ingber are the Staten Island car accident experts. Having handled car accident cases in the New York City metro area for years, we have the skill, talent, and resources to provide you with the best, most effective representation. In fact, we win 98% of the cases we handle because we are passionate about getting help for accident victims who need it the most. We are dedicated to our clients. Call us today for a free case evaluation. At no cost to you, you can find out what compensation may be available to you.

Truck Accident Lawyers

Staten Island has the lowest number of truck accidents annually compared to the other boroughs in New York City. Yet, any one truck accident can be devastating for victims largely because trucks are heavier vehicles that are harder to maneuver than cars. For that reason, truck drivers are held to a much higher standard.

Further, in the wake of a truck accident, more parties than just the driver are typically involved in any type of lawsuit. Such parties can include the truck owner, the owner of the trailer, and the driver’s employer.

The factors that differentiate truck accidents from car accidents are important, and many general personal injury firms are less adept at making the distinction. At Siler & Ingber, we have dedicated truck accident attorneys who appreciate the things that separate truck accidents from all other personal injury matters.

That expertise is what sets Siler & Ingber apart from other firms. We invite you to learn more about what you can do to receive appropriate compensation for your injuries after a truck accident in Staten Island. Call us and schedule a time to speak to a truck accident attorney. It is no cost to you, and you will be glad you did.

Construction Accident Attorneys

Staten Island is the least populated of the five boroughs but is the third largest in land area. That makes it a target for expansion, and you can find many construction sites on Staten Island. Those construction sites, of course, mean the possibility of injury caused by dangerous conditions. Indeed, heavy equipment and many moving parts on the site can lead to accidents.

Siler & Ingber have had many successes fighting for the rights of victims of construction accidents. In fact, our expert construct accident attorneys obtained a $1.1 million trial verdict for a worker who suffered a severe knee and back injury after being struck by a pallet jack in a construction accident. We also obtained a $2.5 million settlement for a client who was injured at a construction site after falling from a height.

The construction accident attorneys at Siler & Ingber know that construction accident victims need aggressive advocacy in court and at the negotiating table. We also pride ourselves on maintaining strong relationships with each of our clients to make sure that they have the advice they need to make informed decisions. Call us at 877-718-6079 for a free consultation.

Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

About 250 people per year are injured in pedestrian accidents in Staten Island. Further, even though Staten Island is least  populated borough, about 5 pedestrians are killed each year in accidents.

If you have been injured, or a loved one has been killed, in a pedestrian accident in Staten Island, then retain a well-qualified personal injury lawyer to assist you. At Siler & Ingber, we specialize in pedestrian injury cases. In fact, we recently secured a $375,000 settlement for an elderly woman who was struck by a car in a strip mall parking lot. We appreciate the importance of extensive investigation of such cases.

Let us help you win your case against the negligent driver who hit you. Learn more by calling us at Siler & Ingber today. We are passionate about maximizing your compensation.

Bicycle Accident Attorneys

About 40 people a year are injured when riding a bike in Staten Island. Those injuries deserve to be compensated given that you were the victim of someone else’s negligence.

As you well know, cyclists are far more vulnerable to injury in a crash than a person in a motor vehicle. Yet, insurance companies in our experience make it particularly difficult for a bicyclist to collect on valid claims.

At Siler & Ingber employs legal professionals who focus on bicycle accident cases, and can get the kind of damages you need to cover medical bills, loss of wages, and property damage. At Siler & Ingber, we care most about our clients. Call 1-516-294-2666 today. We are expert personal injury and bicycle accident litigators, and we know that there is no second place in litigation. Go with a firm you can trust, call Siler & Ingber today.

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