Queens Construction Accident Attorney

Queens Construction Accident Attorney

In Queens, New York, construction accidents happen frequently. Many innocent people suffer injuries at construction sites every year. Most of these employees have experienced serious accidents and injuries over the years.

Victims in these situations might need to undergo operations, medical care, and medication regimens. After your accident, your life may seem hopeless, but there is still hope. With a knowledgeable construction accident lawyer in Queens, you can receive compensation for your injuries.

An experienced Queens personal injury lawyer can make all the difference in your ability to obtain just compensation for your injuries. After an accident, getting the full amount of compensation you are entitled to can frequently be challenging due to insurance companies. It would be best if you didn’t stress how you’ll pay your bills when you’re hurt.

At Siler & Ingber, LLP, we acknowledge the significant contribution that construction workers make to each of our lives and value their work. However, we also understand that the construction sector is risky and that, compared to workers in other sectors, construction workers are more likely to be involved in an accident. Our construction accident attorneys in Queens will fight hard for you if you’ve been in an accident to receive your entitled compensation, so contact our law office immediately to find out how we can help.

Statistics Of Construction Accidents in New York City

In New York City, construction is a hazardous occupation. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 24 construction workers were killed in 2019. Construction was the industry with the most fatalities in New York City.

Injuries were also an issue. According to the BLS, the construction industry in New York had an incident rate of 2.2 injuries or illnesses per 100 full-time workers in 2019.

As of 2020, the New York City Department of Buildings reported 502 construction-related injuries and eight deaths. Sixty-one of those injuries, as well as one death, occurred in Queens.

If you were injured or lost a relative in a fatal construction accident, don’t hesitate to contact a construction accident lawyer in Queens and seek assistance immediately.

Don't Allow An Insurance Company To Determine Your Settlement.

Insurance companies frequently make settlement offers that are significantly lower than what the victim deserves. Do not allow this to happen to you. If you receive a call from an insurance company before consulting with a construction accident lawyer in Queens, do not discuss the case with them or agree to any settlement.

At Siler & Ingber, we investigate your case and come up with a fair settlement amount. Then, we ensure you receive every penny due to your injuries. If the responsible parties or insurance provider refuses to make a reasonable settlement offer, we will go to trial.

The Responsibilities of a Queens Construction Accident Attorney

Claims involving construction accidents are notoriously difficult. We assist victims and their families in their quest for justice, accountability, and the complete and just monetary support they are entitled to at the law firm of Silber & Ingber LLP. Working with a construction accident lawyer in Queens should be a top priority if you have been hurt at work. When handling your case, our attorney’s responsibilities include:

  • Launch an investigation to identify the accident’s cause and the responsible party;
  • Give you advice on whether to bring a third-party liability claim, a workers’ compensation claim, or both;
  • Assist you with all aspects of the claims process, including reviewing any settlement proposals you might receive;
  • Our construction accident attorneys in Queens will represent you and handle every aspect of your claim throughout the entire process, including assisting you with taking legal action if your workers’ compensation claim is denied, litigating your case if necessary, and more.
  • We handle all Queens Construction Accident Cases

    Our construction accident attorney, Queens, NY, handles all facets of construction accident cases. If any of the following caused your injury on a worksite:
    • Scaffolding mishaps
    • Trench accidents
    • ladder and roof fall
    • Falling object accidents
    • Electric shock accidents
    • Crane accidents
    • explosion-related mishaps and burn injuries
    • Building collapse
    • Car accidents
    • unsafe tools for the construction industry
    • Forklift accidents
    • exposure to potentially harmful chemicals and materials
    • Welding mishaps

    Construction accidents frequently result from local, state, or federal safety regulations violations. A contractor might not have offered the right instruction, oversight, or safety gear in other situations. Even if you know what happened, insurance companies don’t make it simple to get compensation.Our construction accident attorneys Queens, can gather the solid proof you need to defend your rights. If you’re curious to learn more, we’d be happy to schedule a consultation at a time that works for you.

    Get Everything You're Entitled to

    Workers’ compensation claims are generally incomplete and do not hold irresponsible parties accountable for their actions. Your construction accident lawyer in Queens will fight for you to be compensated for all of the difficulties you may be facing as a result of your injuries, including the following damages:

    • current and anticipated medical bills
    • The cost of medications and mobility aids
    • Earning potential and wages lost
    • Treatment, both physical and psychological
    • Making modifications to your home or vehicle to accommodate a new disability
    • Suffering and distress
    • permanent deformities and psychological distress

    Hire The Best Construction Accident Attorney At Siler & Ingber

    If you were hurt in a construction accident in Queens, you should be compensated for your medical bills, suffering, and pain. Working with a construction accident attorney in Queens, NY, will make receiving compensation easier. Siler & Ingber, LLP attorneys are willing to review your case for free if you were injured in a construction accident.

    In Queens, we’ve handled cases involving construction accidents, so we know what we’re doing. We’ll conduct an investigation and gather evidence right away. We’ll investigate what happened, including whether anyone violated an OSHA regulation. Call Siler and Ingber today to speak with one of Queen’s best construction accident lawyers! Call 1-516-294-2666 or fill out the online form on this page to schedule a free consultation.

    Let's Get Started.

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    Serious injuries don’t happen on a 9-to-5 schedule, which is why we are always available to help if you have been hurt. Our team is available around the clock to provide the support you need.

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