E-bike Accidents on the Rise in New York

Electric bikes are a very convenient option to get around New York City, though they are also extremely unsafe and dangerous for pedestrians, riders and other vehicles. In the past few years, the popularity of e-bikes has risen dramatically but along with that the accidents involving e-bikes have soared too. The cause of these accidents could be that the e-bikes are fairly new to the NYC road and others are still adapting to their presence.

Under New York state law, if someone else’s negligence caused an accident that left you injured, you could be entitled to compensation for your damages and expenses. This isn’t something that happens automatically, however: It’s necessary to prove who was responsible and how.

For many injury claims, this will require taking on an opposing attorney or the at-fault party’s insurance company, who will stop at nothing to reduce their financial liability—or avoid it completely. If they’re successful, this could leave you paying out of pocket to recover from an injury that wasn’t your fault.

You can avoid this situation by working with a Babylon personal injury lawyer from Siler & Ingber, LLP. The insurance companies don’t have any tricks that we haven’t seen before, and we can get you the full value of your claim.

What is an E-Bike?

E-bikes are very similar to your normal bikes but the only difference is that they have integrated motors which are designed for propulsion. In New York City the law has defined E-bike as a bike which is not more than 36 inches wide and has an electric motor of less than 750 w and also has pedals that are fully functional. It was a recent development that all categories of E-bikes were legalized in New York.

E-Bike accidents that occur on the road can happen just like any other bicycle accident, however because of the motorized parts in an e-bike they move and accelerate faster compared to regular bikes. Those who do not own an e-bike are not aware of this which makes them miscalculate the speed of the e-bike. This miscalculation is one of the causes that lead to serious accidents and injuries. The accidents that involve e-bikes can happen with other e-bike riders, pedestrians, bikers, motorists, trucks etc. The impact and seriousness of these accidents depend on the parties involved and the circumstances. Usually, the injuries from e-bikes are severe, especially when the collision involves a bigger automobile and an e-bike.

Other Issues Related to Electric Bikes

The e-bikes do get involved in a lot of collision-type accidents but in addition to those, there are accidents which are related to the product itself. Due to the motorized parts, e-bikes are at a major risk of catching fire because of their motorized components. Manufacturing defects in the product or design issues can lead to fire incidents in an e-bike. In case of such an episode, the rider can file a product liability case against the entity responsible for making a product that is dangerous and ended up injuring you.

Safety Tips for E-Bikes

You don’t need a license to ride an e-bike. You can also rent an e-bike very easily without many documents through several app-based services online. There are some standards that are being developed for the e-bikes but it is important that precautions are taken from your end too. When an e-bike rider is alert and aware of their surroundings, majority of the accidents can be prevented.

Here are a few tips that can help e-bike riders avoid a crash:-

  • Always use protective gear like a helmet while riding your E-Bike.
  • Use warning devices like a horn or bell whenever required.
  • Use bike lanes wherever possible.
  • Use both front and rear lights
  • Ride in a defensive manner

Always be alert and watch out for pedestrians and other motorists

How Can an E-Bike Accident Lawyer help you?

If you or anyone that you know has been in an E-bike accident, then do not delay much and get in touch with a e-bike accidents lawyer in New York . Siler & Ingber team has been helping out many New Yorkers in protecting their rights and obtaining maximum settlement. For a free evaluation of your case just call Siler & Ingber law firm and we promise, you shall not be disappointed.

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