Car Accident Lawyer Staten Island

Car Accident Lawyer Staten Island

Getting your life back post a car accident is highly complicated and stressful, especially when your crash was the other person’s fault.

When you work with a car accident lawyer Staten island, you are one step closer to securing the compensation you require for recovering after a car accident.

Our talented attorneys at Siler & Ingber have experience of over two decades of maximizing rewards for car accident victims. We offer free consultations for all new clients.

Car accidents can be devastating, and car repairs are costly, costing thousands of dollars, depending upon the damages and not to mention the time it takes to schedule and follow up on the work.
Further, many car accident victims usually sustain severe injuries costing high amounts of your hard-earned money to pay for medical bills and prescriptions.

Some victims even suffer from disabling and permanent damages resulting in a lifetime of recovery.

When the negligence of another party is responsible for your car accident, a new level of pain and suffering is added to your life.

We at Siler & Ingber, LLP, have witnessed countless car accident cases where the number of damages has blindsided victims post the car crash.

Our knowledgeable team of accident attorneys have seen first-hand hardships our clients have endured that have lasted years or even decades after the initial traumatic incident.

We are here to support you in your pursuit of justice and fight for the compensation you rightly deserve.

Get Compensation for Your Injuries and Crash Damages

Remember that insurance companies are rarely on your side. They are profit-focused businesses that rarely have your best interests in their minds.

Insurance companies are focussed on reducing expenses whenever possible.

Even if you receive the maximum benefits from the insurance company, the sum is often far lesser than the average car accident requires for paying the total number of damages sustained post a crash.

The amount often does not consider long-term medical needs and only focuses on the upfront costs required for emergency medical services and expenses.

By seeking representation from an experienced car accident lawyer Staten Island,
You increase your chances of recovering the financial support required for a full recovery.
Our team offers a comprehensive look at your case to establish a more realistic cost of the damages sustained post the incident. The damages may include:

  • Repair costs for vehicle damages
  • Therapy Costs (Physical & Emotional)
  • Loss of employment
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Loss of income or reduced wages
  • Any medical bills or treatment costs associated with injuries sustained in an accident, including follow-up appointments, medical equipment, surgeries, and prescriptions.
  • Trauma and emotional distress.
  • Questions To Ask A Lawyer After A Car Accident:

    Feeling confused or overwhelmed after a car accident is normal. You are likely to have questions and doubts about recovering damages without any idea of how to start going about it. However, you do not have to go through this alone.

    Our attorneys at Siler & Ingber are well-experienced in personal injury and have seen their fair share of accidents.

    We help you navigate the legal process, answering any questions you have. We aim to put you at ease about pursuing a legal claim while you focus on your health and well-being.

    Here are common questions to ask a lawyer post a car accident:

    What is the average settlement of a car accident with injury?

    Every car accident is different, and it isn’t easy to get an average settlement amount for a claim. Your car accident lawyer Staten island, will give you a more realistic settlement after evaluating your case and totalling the potential damages.

    Factors like extensive injuries such as disabilities, disfigurements or invasive injuries, and situations where the third-party responsible for your accident was under the influence of alcohol, drugs, etc., can increase your settlement amount.

    Are our Car Accident attorneys worth it?

    In-car accidents, clients can quickly become financially unstable due to expensive medical costs from surgeries to medications and often follow-up treatments. The claims also have specific requirements that are complicated and often require the help of specialists to prove the person liable for your injuries.

    Experienced car accident lawyers Staten Island have access to specialists needed to determine the severity of the damages sustained to secure the maximum amount you deserve.

    Do I Have A Viable Case?

    Car accident lawyers Staten Island do more than only secure compensation for severely injured victims. New York is a no-fault state, all accident victims must file an accident report with their respective companies, and the reports are not usually straightforward as they appear. This even means holding benefits from car accident victims due to technical errors. Experienced car accident attorneys help victims receive total compensation without falling victim to technical or standard errors.

    What Pieces Of Evidence Do I Need?

    Evidence forms the foundation of personal injury claims. It can include anything; photographs, police reports, videos, medical documents, statements from witnesses present at the time of the accident and more. These documents are the key to a successful personal injury claim case.

    Who is responsible for dangerous road conditions?

    A single-car accident cannot automatically qualify you to file a personal injury claim. We have witnessed several cases where the driver falls victim to dangerous or poorly kept roads with inadequate signage. There are some cases where you can file a claim against the municipalities or companies that have been contracted to maintain the roads where your crash occurred. Your car accident lawyer, Staten Island, will look into all possibilities for determining who was at fault and what steps should have been taken to prevent the car accident.

    How Long Do I Have To File?

    New York drivers must file a personal injury claim within three years to seek compensation after the car accident. Post the three years, it is doubtful for victims to obtain monetary rewards for their injuries.

    What does it mean that New York Is A No-Fault State?

    No-fault or No-fault insurance requires all drivers involved in a car accident to file a claim with their insurance company for compensation, irrespective of who was responsible for the said car accident.

    Drivers must carry this no-fault insurance to reduce the number of court lawsuits related to proving fault in car accidents. This allows victims financial assistance for any immediate medical services they might need for damages and injuries.

    Am I At A Fault For A Single Car Crash?

    Several instances exist when a driver may not be liable for the damages sustained in a single-car crash. Such as inadequate signage, poor road conditions, and malfunctioning car parts are just a few of the many factors that make you eligible for filing an accident claim against a third party.

    What Happens If I Have Been Injured In A Wreck With An Uninsured Driver?

    Drivers involved in a car wreck with an uninsured driver can be eligible for compensation via their insurance company by filing an uninsured driver claim. The claims are offered through all types of car insurance plans. A car accident lawyer Staten island is essential in helping you complete these forms and determining when to file a statement against the financial statement you require.

    Should I Hire A Lawyer After A Minor Car Accident?

    Being involved in a car accident is always concerning, even if it is a minor one. Although an attorney is not always needed, there are several reasons for contacting lawyers following a minor car accident. You might need advice from a car accident attorney depending upon the injuries, damages and who is at fault. You must evaluate your injuries. It is very common in car accidents to suffer a soft tissue injury that can develop into a severe and painful injury. You must discuss your legal rights and options with an experienced car accident lawyer.

    Types Of Car Crashes:

    Our experienced team of attorneys have seen all types of car accidents taking place in Staten Island. Take a look at some of the common types of car accidents that we have represented:

    • T-Bone Accidents:

    T-Bone accidents occur when the front of a vehicle collides with another side. This type of wreck commonly occurs when vehicles fail to stop.

    • Roll-Over Accidents:

    Roll-over accidents are terrifying and occur when a vehicle with a high center of gravity tips over or sometimes multiple times onto the side of the roof. These accidents are common with trucks, SUVs, and vans and often result in devastating damages.

    • Rear-End Collisions:

    These accidents are common on congested roads where the stop-and-go traffic can result in a crash to crash into the back of each other. They are some of the most common collisions we have come across and often result in injuries that affect the neck and spine. (Whiplash).

    • Sideswipes:

    Sideswipes occur when cars are packed tightly in narrow lanes with wide street parking. They occur when the sides of two vehicles collide. It can be caused by drafting and swerving through lanes and can even result from poorly maintained roads.

    • Head-On Collisions:

    These collisions occur when two vehicles collide in the front. These can be deadly and occur at high speeds, frequently resulting in life-threatening changes.

    Identify What Caused Your Car Accident

    Several factors might be involved when proving liability that your car accident lawyer, Staten Island, will investigate when they gather evidence for your claim.

    The common causes of a car accident are:

    • Drunk Driving:

    Drivers who consume alcohol before driving are always at a higher risk for causing severe car accidents and injuries. Remember that drinking and driving in New York are illegal, and even a single drink can prevent a driver from making safe decisions on the road.

    • Distracted Driving:

    If a driver is already participating in other tasks aside from keeping their eyes on the road, this is distracted driving. Distractions include eating, drinking, smoking, driving, texting, talking to passengers, etc.

    • Drowsy Driving:

    Fatigue driving is growing increasingly on American roads, especially in the commercial trucking industry. Fatigued drivers can fall asleep at the wheel, drift between lanes and even miss critical road hazards that lead to accidents.

    • Speeding

    is one of the most popular and deadly forms of aggressive driving nationwide. Speeding increases your risk of causing an accident and elevates the risk of severe and fatal injuries.

    Contact Car Accident Lawyer Staten Island

    The pain and suffering after a car accident are overwhelming but pursuing justice for your injuries does not always need to be stressful. Our Siler & Ingber, LLP team, has over 20 years of experience representing car accident victims in Staten Island. We offer our support throughout the entire legal process and fight for the compensation you deserve for getting back on your feet.

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