Bronx Uber Accident Lawyer

Bronx Uber Accident Lawyer

When an uber driver causes a crash, it isn’t easy to know who to seek compensation for. Ensure you get fully compensated by working with a Bronx Uber accident lawyer.

Ridesharing services such as Uber have made traveling easy and convenient. As long as you have a smartphone, requesting a ride is easier.

When a car accident involves an uber driver, how do you know who is responsible? The drivers are employed by uber and covered by uber’s insurance when riding passengers, and they are also considered independent contractors, so determining liability can be complicated.

In case you are injured when riding in an uber, you must know the true value of your claim before the insurance company offers you a low settlement and confuses you about whom to seek compensation from.

A Bronx uber accident lawyer at Siler & Ingber, LLP helps you get the total compensation you deserve from all the liable parties.

Uber Accident Policy

Before you use Uber, you must understand the coverage you receive if you are involved in an accident during your ride.

Uber drivers are covered by Uber’s liability insurance as long as the driver was online (actively accepting requests) before they accepted your request for the transportation services. Although, this can be deceiving, as the liability can be as low as $50,000 in injury liability per person injured in the accident.

If you are in an accident during your uber ride, check and ensure that everybody riding with you is safe and administer first aid if necessary. Next, you must contact the police or paramedic if needed. Once all immediate health issues are addressed, the driver must contact uber to begin the process of filing a claim. The driver and passengers can expect to hear from the insurance company within three days of the accident to know what they can expect next.

How To Know If Uber Is Financially Liable

Theoretically, a passenger is covered by Uber’s one million dollar liability policy irrespective of who is negligent; however, things can get complicated if an uber driver hits you while walking or in another vehicle. Liability in such cases hinges on the status of the uber app and if the driver had a fare in progress at the time of the car crash.

The policy must cover any accident injuries if the Uber app is on and the driver carries a paying fare. Uber’s policy must also cover any accidents occurring after the driver accepts a new ride request but has not picked up the passenger yet.

If the driver is active on the Uber app but has neither passenger nor request for pickup, the driver is highly likely personally liable for any injury-causing accidents.

How To Know If The Uber Driver Is Liable

If drivers do not actively use the Uber app, they are considered to be driving for personal reasons. In such cases, if uber has caused an accident, the driver’s personal auto insurance policy must cover any injury claims. Uber does not usually accept financial responsibility in such cases.

Specific insurance policies have a clause terminating the coverage if a uber is used for commercial driving. If this is the case with the Uber driver who hit you, you might be forced to file an uninsured driver claim with your personal insurance policy instead.

Who Is Liable In A Uber Car Accident If The Driver Isn't The Owner?

The liable party in an Uber car accident depends entirely on the circumstances of the accident. The liable party can vary greatly depending upon the circumstances. Suppose the driver of an Uber car causes the accident, and the driver is determined to be at fault. In that case, the liability can easily fall on the driver, uber and the owner of the automobile.

In case the at-fault driver is established as an Uber employee, Uber will be held liable “respondeat superior” doctrine that holds an employer liable for its employee’s negligence whenever a car accident occurs within the scope of the employee’s employment.

You must consult with a personal injury attorney who is experienced with litigating accidents involving rideshare and uber companies. They can determine the liable parties to be named in a personal injury assault.

How To Prove Who Is Liable For The Uber Crash

Determining the liability in these types of car crashes can be convoluted and even contentious. However, what is the next step if Uber and the driver deny liability? Obtaining cell phone records or disposing of the rideshare driver can be necessary. Still, your Bronx car accident lawyer will help you determine how best to handle your claim and the evidence that needs to be collected.

Uber Accident Lawsuits And Settlements

Passengers usually anticipate that when they pay for transportation services, they expect a well-trained, focused, cautious, and ultimately safe driver. Unfortunately, there have been several accidents in which an Uber driver was at fault since the company was founded.

Lawsuits are usually filed when the insurance company cannot offer a good payout for covering the expenses incurred by accident.

Several Lawsuits against Uber are settled outside the court. Usually, the amount paid in a settlement is kept confidential. Hence it is difficult to find information on settlements paid to the victims of the accidents involving uber drivers.

Pedestrians or passengers injured in an accident that involves an uber car driver can usually protect themselves by getting contact and insurance information from the driver, getting the names and numbers of witnesses, filing police reports and seeking medical attention right away if needed, and also contacting a personal injury attorney for guidance.

Contact A Bronx Uber Accident Lawyer

Do not let Uber or an Uber driver’s insurance company take advantage of you post a severe car accident! That should be the last thing you must worry about when trying to recover your health.

Contact a Bronx uber accident lawyer, and we will help you protect your rights and make sense of a confusing situation!

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