Parents: Beware of These Common School-Borne Illnesses

Parents: Beware of These Common School-Borne Illnesses

The adventure of kids returning to school can excite both parents and children alike. What can often ruin this excitement in an instant- the first wave of school-borne illnesses your kids bring home to the family, that plague your entire house!

After reaching a stage of relaxation over the summer months, your child’s immune system is not entirely prepared to cope with the influx of germs they encounter from school peers and classrooms. This sudden change can lead to an increase in illnesses and injuries your child may experience within only the first couple months of classes.

For parents, making sure your children practice proper hygiene at home will increase the occurrence of these habits at school. In addition, knowing the most common children’s illnesses and injuries to look for can be extremely helpful in preventing these nasty problems from festering:

• Colds and season flus

• Strep throat

• Stomach Flu

• Conjunctivitis (aka. Pinkeye)

• Lice

• Impetigo (contagious skin infection)

• Aches and pains in back, head, or neck.

• Minor injuries (scrapes, cuts, sprains, etc.)

When getting back into the school routine, any illness or injury can be frustrating for the family. Unfortunately, you cannot be there every day to monitor your child’s health behaviors, so remember that education is the first step to increasing good health.

In cases of uncommon or unexplained injuries, make sure you are in close communication with your child’s teachers to ensure no intentional harm is occurring.

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