Who is Responsible for Injuries at a Wedding?

Injuries at a Wedding

Who is Responsible for Injuries at a Wedding?

A wedding is one of the most important days in the bride and the groom’s lives. It is supposed to be a time of celebration but even on such happy days, accidents can happen. These accidents can happen due to someone else’s negligence, but who? If you have suffered injuries at someone’s wedding then who is to be blamed?

All your answers will be answered here in this blog so keep reading. 

Slip & Fall Accident at Wedding

Accidents that occur due to slip and fall at a wedding are very common. Such incidents usually occur on the dance floor or if the lights are dim and the strobe effects make it extremely difficult to see the potential dangers which result in tripping and fall hazards. Guests at the wedding are so distracted by the music, food or the old friends they meet after a really long time that they ignore the likely risks around them that can cause injuries. If a wedding guest gets injured because of an equipment failure or because of some kind of carelessness on behalf of the venue, then the guest may be able to get a premises liability claim for the medical expenses associated with their injuries. The soon the case is filed, the soon the victim can be compensated. 

Injured due to Intoxication 

At most weddings there is alcohol and if any of the guests consume too much of it and then get behind the wheel, in such a case if any property damage or physical injury occurs, the responsibility of all of it falls on the facility providing the alcoholic drinks. 

At many wedding receptions, there is a requirement for an on-duty police officer who is present during the entire reception and ensures that no guest gets behind the wheel intoxicated. 

Who is Liable if a Wedding Guest Gets Injured?

Guests who get hurt during a wedding ceremony or the reception mostly do not file a case against the bride & the groom but the claim can be filed against the vendor or the venue. To avoid an accident incident at your wedding, before booking always lookout for concerns or any hazards. Confirm from the vendor if their equipment is the cause of a slip or fall incident. 

In case a venue or homeowner is liable for the accident then they will be responsible for paying the medical expenses of the injured person, their rehab costs, emotional trauma support, lost wages or any court costs. 

Who can get you a Fair Compensation?

Hiring a personal injury attorney like Siler & Ingber team is your best bet in case you have injured yourself at a wedding. The attorney shall make sure that you are properly compensated and all your questions and queries are answered without delay. 

Weddings are complicated events where accidents do happen. Hiring a qualified attorney will help you navigate through the tricky legal system and identify who is really responsible for your injury. Get in touch with the Siler & Ingber team today to start the process.

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