When Is A Restaurant Liable for Injuries and Illnesses?

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When Is A Restaurant Liable for Injuries and Illnesses?

New York City has over 24,000 restaurants which makes it the city with the most restaurants in the world. Food is an important part of the New York culture which is why every day thousands of people eat in restaurants across the city.  Along with being a place of contentment for most people, restaurants also pose hazards to both their employees and customers if their premises are not maintained properly. From burn injuries caused by hot food to collisions with a fast-moving waiter who is carrying plates of food, accidents that occur at a restaurant can cause serious injuries. Whether you are an employee or a customer who has suffered injuries while at a restaurant, then you are entitled to compensation. You can contact a restaurant injury lawyer to help you pursue your personal injury claim. 

Injuries & Illnesses for which Restaurants can be held Responsible

When you enter a restaurant, or are working in one, it is the duty of the restaurant to keep you safe from any kind of injuries or illnesses. There have been many cases where an individual has suffered injuries while at the restaurant. 

Here are some common injuries and illnesses which the restaurant can be held liable for:-

  • Food Poisoning/ Food-Borne Illnesses After Eating at a Restaurant

Every restaurant in New York City is obligated to follow some local and industry-mandate food safety regulations which are intended to protect the customers/public from any kind of food-borne illnesses. Food poisoning or food-borne diseases can result in hospitalization and even death in the worst cases. 

The causes of food-borne illness /food poisoning can be:-

  • Improper food handling
  • Serving undercooked food
  • Unhygienic kitchen conditions
  • Contaminated food from not washing hands
  • Serving stale food 

Food-borne illness can be harmful to everyone but it could be particularly dangerous for people with low immunity, such as kids or the elderly. In case you or a loved one has suffered a food-borne illness after eating at a restaurant, you need to file for compensation immediately. 

  • Slips and Falls at Restaurants

It is the legal duty of all restaurant owners to maintain their premises so that they are safe for the employees as well as the visitors. Unfortunately, slips and falls are the most common accidents that occur in restaurants. 

They are caused because of:-

  • Spilt food and drinks on the floor which have not been cleaned/moped
  • Extra wet floor with no warning
  • Torn carpeting
  • Broken flooring or staircases

All these can result in severe injuries which are a result of negligent maintenance on the part of the restaurant owner. 

  • Burn Injuries

The food served at a restaurant is mostly over 130 degrees and the hot beverages at around 140 degrees. If this hot drink/food is spilt by the restaurant servers on the customers then they can rapidly cause third-degree burns. The negligence of the restaurant server or the owner holds them liable for these burn injuries. 

  • Choking

Choking on food mostly occurs when the food is contaminated by a foreign object or if the food is not prepared properly. Not calling medical assistance right away after a choking incident also makes the restaurant liable as they have violated their duty of care. 

Ask for Help from a Skilled Attorney

If you have suffered an injury or illness as a result of visiting a restaurant for a fun meal or are a restaurant employee who went to work like any other day, then you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your lost wages due to the illness or injury, medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses, pain and suffering, etc.  Get in touch with the Siler & Ingber team of attorneys today as they will be able to help you get compensation from those responsible. Call today to schedule a free consultation.

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