What You Need to Know to Prepare for Holiday Driving

What You Need to Know to Prepare for Holiday Driving

As we come closer to the end of this rather eventful year, it is time to celebrate with our loved ones and hope for a better 2021. A lot of people prefer to spend some exclusive time with their families and drive to a scenic vacation spot. But remember, November is the month of travel, changing weather, and even snow. Hence, it is important to be careful if you’re planning a road trip with your loved ones for the holidays.

We would like to share some important information about safe driving during the holidays.

Tips for Safe Holiday Driving

  1. Drive-in daylight hours – If you’re planning to cover a long distance through the day, it is advisable to leave as early in the morning as possible and drive only during daylight hours.Driving through the day and well into the evening or night can tire you out and make you vulnerable to accidents.
  2. Check the weather status – Usually, in November it starts to snow in various states across the country. Hence, before you head on your road trip, go through the weather predictions so that you’re adequately prepared. For example, if a snowstorm is expected on one of the days of your road trip, prepare it in advance.
  3. Know the state laws – If you’re visiting a state where you don’t reside or haven’t been before, go through the specific state laws relevant to you, for example, if you are driving from New York to Michigan, you must know the legal driving age, regulation related to seat belts, etc.
  4. Drive within the speed limit – Driving on the highway can sometimes tempt us to speed. It is advisable to stay within the speed limit as exceeding it is a violation of the law and can also put you at risk of an accident.
  5.  Do not drive under influence – It is needless to say that driving under influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal across the USA. Moreover, driving under influence can become a cause of accidents leading to severe injuries or even death. Don’t let the holidays sway you from being a responsible driver, always drive sober.
  6.  Get your car winter-ready – Before you head on the road trip, get a mechanic to thoroughly inspect your car, for example, checking if the tires are robust enough to drive through snow or that the oil doesn’t need a change, etc. It is also important to make sure that you’re insurance is up to date before you head for your vacation.
  7. Keep an emergency kit handy – Driving in the winters can bring unexpected snowstorms or other weather adversities. We suggest that you carry a few extra clothes as well as some non-perishable food items to prepare for such contingencies.

What to do if you have an accident?

Despite taking precautions, in an unfortunate scenario, if you get into a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, you can hire a car accident lawyer or a personal injury lawyer. The accident could occur in a city or state where you don’t reside, but don’t worry, you can hire a car accident lawyer from your city who can help you through the process of getting the settlement justified for the damages caused.

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