What Should You Know About Suing Someone for Causing Nerve Damage?

What Should You Know About Suing Someone for Causing Nerve Damage?

Nerves are at the very core all we are able to do, whether it is walking, sitting, eating,
working, etc. Any damage to the nerves can have life-altering consequences such as
paralysis, permanent disabilities, etc. While there are many reasons for nerve damage to
occur such as underlying diseases, it is also an outcome of accidents occurred to due to
someone negligence. In such a case, it is important to work with top injury lawyers to know
your legal options.

Types of nerve damage

There are three types of nerve damage

1. Neurapraxia – this type of nerve damage is less severe in nature and typically
curable within a few months.
2. Axonotmesis – this type of nerve damage that is slightly more severe and leads to
loss of motor functions or paralysis.
3. Neurotmesis – this type of nerve damage is the most severe and leads to permanent

The severity of nerve damage depends on the extent of the injury, and it can range from a
numb tingling feeling to complete paralysis. Some of the common complications due to
nerve damage include:

1. Brain trauma
2. Cardiac arrest
3. Coma
4. Headache / Migraine
5. Respiratory problems
6. Seizures
7. Death

Cause of nerve damage

While nerve damage can be a result of various reasons, some of the common causes of
nerve damage are:

1. Accidents at a work site
2. Motor vehicle accident
3. Medical negligence by a healthcare worker in diagnosis or performing surgery
4. Slip and fall
5. Sports injury

Nerve damage due to someone’s negligence

If you’ve suffered nerve damage due to an accident caused by someone else, you deserve
compensation for your losses. It is important that you work with a top injury attorney to
understand the legal options. Moreover, nerve damage lawsuits are extremely complex in
nature, hence, it is best to leave it in the hands of a personal injury lawyer to help you. A
few things to keep in mind as the injured party are:

1. Seeking medical care as early as possible after the accident.
2. Maintain all documentation such as medical expenses, doctors’ reports, etc.
3. Compile photographic evidence, if available / applicable.
4. Talk to witnesses, if available / applicable.
5. Highlight other pain and suffering caused in addition to the injuries such as loss of
income, loss of enjoyment of life, etc.

Your personal injury attorney will guide you through the process and lead it on your behalf
so that you get the settlement which is holistic and covers all your short- and long-term
costs. They will also bring on board required experts such as doctors who can help
strengthen your case further. It is important that you focus on healing and leave the legal
matters into the hands of an able personal injury attorney.

If you or someone you know has suffered nerve damage due to someone’s negligence and
you need the best personal injury attorney, contact Siler & Ingber today. Call us on 1-877-
529-4343 or complete our online form on this page to schedule a case evaluation with one of
our experienced personal injury lawyers. Our consultation is free and we do not charge a
fee unless we win your case.

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