What Is the Average Commercial Truck Accident Settlement

What Is the Average Commercial Truck Accident Settlement

Commercial truck accidents are scary and if you have been injured in a commercial truck accident due to the negligence of someone else, then you are entitled to some kind of compensation for your trauma, injuries and pain. For every truck accident, the settlement value varies. It depends on different facts and circumstances, which include the extent to which the victim is physically, emotionally and financially harmed their insurance coverage, etc. No two commercial truck settlements will be the same. There could be two people in the same accident and yet they would receive different settlement amounts for numerous reasons. 

 An accident that occurs with a truck can cause serious injuries due to the enormous size of the vehicle and the enormous amount of weight that they carry, which is way more than that of the vehicle. The devastating injuries caused by such accidents can result in big medical bills and also extended time away from work.

There are several parties involved in a commercial truck accident, which is the reason it can get very challenging to deduce an average truck settlement amount for a claim. Such accident claims can be complex and hence you would probably need to consult an experienced New York truck accident attorney who could make you understand all the options. The attorney experienced in such cases would also know how to gather and analyze the evidence and estimate the potential damages in your case.

What Kinds of Damages Are Recoverable in Commercial Truck Accidents?

In most truck accident cases, it is the passengers of the car who are more likely to be seriously or fatally injured, the truck drivers would most probably be not that hurt when the two collide. Such accidents can lead to injuries that create long-term and expensive medical treatments. When you file for a claim, along with the injury treatment plan, you can recover:-

  • the lost income – the income that you lost because you couldn’t go to work
  • travel expenses which were related to treatment and medication
  • compensation for your pain, suffering, mental and emotional trauma 
  • requirement for in-home medical support and also domestic help
  • car repair costs

Factors which Help Determine the Value of a Commercial Truck Accident Settlement

In the process of determining the value of a commercial truck accident settlement, there are numerous factors that insurance companies and attorneys would review, these factors are:-

  • Severity of the Wounds & Injuries

It is very simple, the more serious or life-altering the injuries, the higher would be the settlement value.

  • Medical Expenses

The more amount of money that an individual is spending to recover from the injuries would determine the value of the compensation.

  • Pain and Suffering Caused

The amount of compensation that a victim receives for their trauma, pain and suffering, depends on the severity of the wounds & injuries. 

  • Lost Income

If you were the main or the sole breadwinner of your family but due to the injuries you have not been able to go to work, you have a solid claim for your lost wages.

How Can a Truck Accident Lawyer Help You Get Maximum Compensation?

Siler & Ingber is one of the best law firms in New York. They have an experienced team of lawyers who can handle your compensation request like it’s their own. They will make sure to compile maximum evidence so as to get you the highest compensation that you rightfully deserve for your injuries and sufferings.

Contact Siler & Ingber’s team today to get a free evaluation of your case.

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