What Constitutes Nursing Home Neglect?

What Constitutes Nursing Home Neglect?

Negligence in nursing homes is an unfortunate reality. Every year, more than 1000 complaints of abuse and neglect are filed in New York. This is a matter of extreme concern. Nursing homes are supposed to be a haven for the elderly and a reassurance for the families who entrust their loved ones with them. Knowing this type of abuse exists at nursing homes is important because you’ll need to recognize the signs of suspected abuse. It is also very important to have clear cut definitions of neglect. In such a case, it is recommended to work with a nursing home abuse lawyer to help. 

What is nursing home neglect?

Nursing home neglect refers to a scenario where nursing homes residents do not get proper care and suffer physical or mental health problems as a result.

Is there a difference between neglect and abuse?

Yes, it is important to acknowledge that there is a difference between neglect and abuse. While abuse mostly includes deliberate acts, such as physical, sexual, mental or financial assault, whereas, neglect means a failure by a nursing home employee to provide basic needs and care.

What constitutes neglect in a nursing home?

Some of the most common causes of nursing home neglect are:

  1. Lack of staff: If a nursing home is short-staffed or enough staff is not recruited, there is likely to be a direct impact on the quality of the care provided to the elderly residents. Moreover, if the staff is overworked or stressed, that’ll also impact the services provided. 
  2. Improper hiring process: One of the most common causes of nursing home neglect is the lack of adequate skill. This occurs frequently because many nursing homes fail to conduct proper background checks and hire staff that is not adequately trained or has a history of issues such as drug or alcohol abuse. This leads to neglect in the care of the residents. 
  3. Inadequate training: Even if the hiring process is conducted with due diligence, it is likely that the nursing home does not conduct proper training or prepare the staff properly to take up the job at hand. This can have long- and short-term impacts on the type and quality of care provided at the nursing home. 

Seeking legal assistance 

If you observe signs of neglect, a nursing home negligence lawyer is recommended to suggest the way forward. Your nursing home abuse lawyer would be best placed to advise you on the claim to file as per the specifics of the case. Moreover, the lawyer will make sure that you’re compensated beyond the medical costs incurred. They will file a claim which will cover for the physical, mental and emotional trauma caused to you and your loved ones as a result of the nursing home’s negligence. 

If you or someone you know has been abused or neglected in a nursing home and needs a nursing home negligence lawyer, contact us today. Reach out to Siler & Ingber by either calling us on 1-877-529-4343 or completing our online form on this page to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation with one of our experienced nursing home abuse lawyer

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