The “Shocking” Truth behind Electrician Safety

Electrician Safety

The “Shocking” Truth behind Electrician Safety

The Human body is a strong conductor of electricity because it is mostly composed of water. An individual experiences electric shocks when a part of their body which includes the skin, muscles or even hair come in contact with an electricity source, causing the current to pass through the body.  The shocking truth or the jolting fact about a worker working with electricity is that all of them have experienced a shock at least once while on the job and they consider this occurrence very normal. While electric shocks are a known hazard while working with live electric current, they are a signal that the worker is not taking adequate safety measures. Lack of training or one mistake with the electricity can be deadly & disastrous. 

Every electrician is well aware of the dangers they face each day while on the job, whether it is installing new electrical equipment or conducting maintenance. But should they be okay with shocks being a normal part of their job? No right!! Even a small episode of electrocution can cause injuries ranging from minor burns to life-changing wounds which can even be fatal. 

Reasons for Electrical Accidents

  • Short Circuits
  • Negligence and Carelessness
  • Working from a high location 
  • Improperly installed equipment
  • Unsafe work practices
  • Inadequate isolation

Injuries that can result from Electrical Shocks

  • Electrocution

When an individual experiences an electrical shock the high voltage can damage the internal organs inside the body. Electrocution is often fatal but even if the person survives, they will experience a damaged cardiovascular system and nervous system. Electrocution also causes broken bones caused due to the impact along with other injuries. 

  • Electrical Burns

Every electric shock occurs due to a direct contact between the body part and the electrical current will result in an electrical burn. The burns depend on the severity of the shock experienced. There could be surface burns with only the skin or slight muscle damage or there could be enter-and-exit burn wounds which could be the signs of more severe internal damage. 

How to Prevent Electric Shocks

 Being an electrical worker is a tough job and it requires strong knowledge of electricity. When working with electric current, electricians need to be very careful and aware of their surroundings. In addition to that, the electrician should also be aware of the other employees working with them because a single mistake made by them when you are high up on a ladder or scaffolding, can cost you your life. 

Here are some preventive measures that electricians should take to keep themselves safe:-

  • Working with wet hands is a complete NO
  • Be aware of water lines, gas lines and other utilities under the surface where you are working 
  • Always wear gloves and use fiberglass tools 
  • Always turn the circuit off before working on an energized circuit. 
  • A chemical-type fire extinguisher should always be there around you in case a fire breaks out. 
  • Never experiment with electricity, get proper training. 

Get Help from an Electrical Injury Attorney

 To reduce your chance of experiencing a shock is to prevent them. At Siler & Ingber law firm we understand that an electrical injury can affect the quality of your life and create a lot of financial burden for you and your family. If you have been in an electrical accident which was caused due to the carelessness and negligence of someone else, then you have all the right to compensation. In an electrical injury case, it is critically important that you seek legal help from a personal injury lawyer who can get you fair compensation for all your medical bills, lost wages and suffering. Get in touch with Siler & Ingber team for a free evaluation of your case. 

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