The Common Types of Construction Accidents

The Common Types of Construction Accidents

Every single day thousands of construction workers go to work without fail even after being well aware of the potential dangers that they may encounter during their course of duties. At the construction sites, there are heavy machineries, large objects and work at a dangerous height. One wrong move or a moment of negligence can cause serious injuries or even death of a construction worker. 

Employers and supervisors are expected to ensure the safety of these construction sites but unfortunately many times the employers put profits ahead of safety which leads to tragic consequences. Those who are suffering in an aftermath of construction accidents should get in touch with a personal injury lawyer in New York. 

Types of Construction Accidents

Construction accidents can be prevented well in time if the building owners and contractors take the time out to correct the problematic areas. Let us take a look at some of the common leading causes or types of construction accidents. 


Very often on a construction project that involves elevated heights the employers and homeowners neglect safety measures and training for the workers. Fall hazards are undoubtedly the most common type of construction accidents in New York. Whether it is a ladder fall or the worker trips off a beam much above the ground, the injuries suffered are very serious and life-altering. Even if a fall happens due to unburied wires or other objects that should not be on the ground the worker is eligible for a lawsuit. 


Electrocution accidents on the New York construction sites occur due to damaged equipments, wet conditions, improper grounding, faulty wirings, and working too close to the power wires. An electrical accident may result in shock, burns and even electrocution. Such accidents can burn the skin and severely damage the internal organs which could have fatal results. 

Struck by an Object

 New York labor laws include a Scaffolding Law which offers positive verdicts and settlements to all those workers who have suffered injuries from faulty scaffolding. “Struck by” construction accidents include equipment malfunction, falling objects, rigging failures and loose or shifting materials. In all such cases, the scaffolding law holds the general contractor, employer or even the property owner liable for the suffering and pain caused to the worker injured as long as the accident case involved a difference in elevation. Anyone who has been unfortunate enough to be caught in a faulty scaffolding structure should fight for compensation. 

Caught Between/In

There are times when the workers at a construction site get trapped between machinery or two heavy objects. The worker may be crushed, squeezed, pinched or compressed between objects and be unable to free themselves without the help of another person. There are also chances that the worker gets caught underneath a falling object. Such a situation can cause most common injuries such as amputation, spinal cord injuries, paralysis and even fatalities. A personal injury attorney can study your case and investigate the circumstances and fight for compensation for the victims in a lawsuit. 

Sadly, New York worksites encounter such construction accidents every now and then. Such accidents can be avoided if the property owners, contractors or employers take the proper safety measures for their workers. There is negligence on the part of the employers which is why they should be held responsible when such an incident occurs. We at Siler & Ingber understand the excruciating pain that the person injured and their family member experience. Our attorneys investigate each case meticulously and determine any reckless decisions or negligence which may have led to the accident. Get in touch today to get sound legal advice. 

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