Shoulder Injuries: Things You Need to Know when Consulting a Lawyer

Shoulder Injuries: Things You Need to Know when Consulting a Lawyer

Shoulder injuries are a common occurrence in children and adults alike. It is so because the shoulders are one of the most moveable joints in the body, making them vulnerable to injuries. Statistics suggest that more than 7.5 million people seek medical care for a shoulder injury in the United States every year.

Any sort of physical activity, including sports, heavy lifting, etc. can you put you at the risk of a shoulder injury. Some common types of shoulder injuries are:

  1. Sprains and strains
  2. Rotator cuff tear 
  3. Dislocation 
  4. Frozen shoulder 
  5. Joint tears
  6. Tendinitis

The treatment can vary from oral medication to physiotherapy to surgery depending on the degree of the injury. Unfortunately, in many cases, there are long-term implications, such as chronic pain or even arthritis. Moreover, restricted mobility of the shoulder or constant pain can lead to difficulties in doing regular activities. 

If a shoulder injury is caused due to someone’s negligence, compensation should be duly given. A shoulder injury attorney can represent the injured party. Some of the ways in which a shoulder injury can occur due to someone’s negligence are:

  1. Injury while playing a sport: A slippery or inadequately maintained floor can cause the person to slip and fall while playing which can cause an injury. 
  2. Injury at a construction site: Construction sites often involve heavy lifting or operating heavy machinery which can make workers vulnerable to injuries. For example, if the machinery is not duly maintained or a worker slips off a ladder because it is broken, the injury is caused due to the employer’s negligence. 
  3. Slip and fall injury: A slip and fall on the wet floor of a department store or on a snowy sidewalk can cause a painful and serious shoulder injury. In such a case, the responsible party should be held responsible. 

In such a scenario, it is recommended to hire a shoulder injury lawyer to represent you to get the compensation you deserve. It is imperative that you clearly state all the details and provide all the documentation to the shoulder injury attorney so that they can file a strong claim. Some important information is as follows:

  1. Cause of the injury: Clearly state the cause of the injury and provide details of how it happened. It’ll help the shoulder injury lawyer to file the claim as per the most relevant provisions of the law. 
  2. Provide relevant documentation: Share the medical bills, other expenses, documentation on leave from work/school, etc. to help the shoulder injury attorney build a strong case highlighting the seriousness of the injury and its other consequences.
  3. Provide other evidence: Share any photos, details of witnesses that can prove the negligence of the at-fault party. 

Leave it in the hands of an expert injury lawyer to get you fair and just compensation for your injury.

If you or someone you know has suffered a shoulder injury due to someone’s negligence, you need the top injury lawyer, contact Siler & Ingber today. Call us on 1-877-529-4343 or complete our online form on this page to schedule a case evaluation with one of our experienced shoulder injury lawyers. Our consultation is free and we do not charge a fee unless we win your case.

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