Preparing Your Car to Prevent Accidents in Winter

Preparing Your Car to Prevent Accidents in Winter

As we approach winters, we need to prepare ourselves for snow, icy roads, rain, and fog. These factors contribute to a higher risk while driving. Statistics suggest that about 76,000 people are injured in traffic accidents during snowfall every year in the United States. Moreover, 116800 people get injured in car crashes and more than 1300 people die in car crashes on snowy roads.

Here are a few tips to prevent car accidents in winter: 

  1. Take your car for a winter check – Before you venture out in the winter for a drive, it is important you get a professional perform a winter check on your vehicle and declare it safe.
  2. Winter tires – It is recommended that you equip your car with winter tires. Additionally, regularly check tire pressure because, in winters, tires tend to have less pressure as air contracts in this weather. Moreover, make sure your tires have good tread and inflate the tires regularly.
  3. Inspect the battery – Make sure that you inspect your battery regularly, especially in winters because the battery’s capacity lessens. It is best if a professional inspect the batteries to make sure that all the fluids and cables are in top-notch shape. 
  4. Use antifreeze products: We recommend that you use antifreeze washer and wiper fluid, and change your oil as well as the oil filter to prevent any car troubles. 
  5. Inspect the wiper blades–Ensure that the wiper blades are working properly as they should during rain/snow/storm, and replace them if required. 
  6. Remove snow– It is pertinent that you remove all the snow from your vehicle before using it, especially the hood, trunk, and roof. 
  7. Have an emergency kit– Despite preparing for a winter drive, you may end up getting stuck or stranded due to a snow storm. We suggest you keep your trunk equipped with emergency supplies, including a snow shovel and a bag of salt to get your wheels out of a ditch. Also, keep some non-perishable food items handy at all times. 
  8. Keep your gas tank full – An unexpected storm or a traffic jam can compel you to change your route or head back home, it is always better to have enough gas to prepare for these contingencies. 

Accident due to someone’s negligence

Despite our best efforts to be safe and prepare for all contingencies while driving in the winter, you may end up in an accident due to someone else’s negligence. In such a scenario, we recommend that you hire a vehicle accident law firm with the top lawyers for car accidents. The vehicle accident attorney will undertake a thorough evaluation of the case and file a claim which will get you the compensation you deserve for the physical and mental harm as well as the financial implications of the accident on you. 

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