Power Lineman Injuries – What You Need to Know Before Filing a Claim

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Power Lineman Injuries – What You Need to Know Before Filing a Claim

Being a lineman is a tough job. While falling from an electric power pole is a constant danger to the linemen and power workers, suffering from a burn or being electrocuted is an even bigger danger. Linemen put their lives at risk each day to make sure that we have a steady supply of electricity at all times. Today, working on a live wire is still safer compared to the olden times. The workers are given isolated gloves to wear and other appropriate protective equipment to safeguard against burns and electrocution, but despite all the protective gear, the linemen get seriously injured.  

Were you or a member of your family injured while working as a lineman? If so, you can file for compensation. You are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. There are some minimum effective safety standards which need to be maintained by the companies hiring linemen to ensure that the lives of the electrical workers are safe along with the job being done correctly and quickly. Training the linemen is one of the major aspects of keeping them safe. One company might follow all the safety procedures but sadly the other company might not, which would put all the linemen working with them at huge risk of being injured.  

Claims after the Injury

Utility workers and power linemen have all the right to file for compensation. Here are two of the ways in which the victim or the family of the victim can file for a claim:-

  • Worker’s Compensation Benefits

In case the powerline worker has suffered a non-fatal injury which has been caused by electricity, then he or she can file a case against their employer for worker’s compensation benefits to cover the lost wages and the medical bills. In case of a fatal injury, the family of the powerline worker will be compensated by the employer under worker’s compensation benefits. The benefits covered in this claim could be the lost wages, the dependency of the dependents on the victim and the funeral expenses. 

  • Pain and Suffering Compensation

In a situation where the powerline worker has suffered serious but non-fatal injuries, he or she can sue the responsible third party – other than the co-workers and the employer- for the pain and suffering they had to go through because of the injury. 

Causes of Power Lineman Injuries

  • Lack of proper safety measures and gear

 To work safely atop power lines, the companies hiring the power line workers need to ensure that proper safety measures and safety gear are being used.

  • Code Violation

The supervisors often choose not to adhere to the safety regulations before sending the power workers up a pole of live wire which results in serious injuries. 

  • Lack of Coordination

In many cases electrical injuries are caused due to poor work supervision and lack of coordination between the power worker and the supervisor who may take it lightly in giving you proper signals that can keep you safe while approaching high-voltage areas. 

Best Power Lineman Injuries Lawyer – Call Today!

The injuries caused due to the power lines can be very extensive and expensive. It may change your life permanently; hence choosing the right attorney to file your case is important. An experienced power lineman injury lawyer can get you the rightful claim which can aid in leading an already difficult life with a little ease. 

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