NYC Named one of the Worst Driving Cities in the U.S.

NYC Named one of the Worst Driving Cities in the U.S.

No one likes to drive in New York City. Between the congestion, honking, and hundreds of pedestrians crossing at any point in time, driving is one of the last methods of transportation commuters want to take. However, as bad as we thought driving in NYC was before, a new report has highlighted even more reasons to take the train your next time through…


NYC Was Named One of the Worst Driving Cities in the U.S.!

In a new list published this week by WalletHub, New York City was ranked as the seventh-worst city to drive in across the United States! Comparing 100 of the largest cities in the country, WalletHub created four main categories to measure driver friendlessness: traffic and infrastructure, cost of ownership, access to vehicles and maintenance, and overall safety. Using a point system, each city was graded on 29 key indicators to find out which cities travelers and locals were most satisfied driving in- NYC did not fair well.


Traffic and Infrastructure

New York City ranked dead last when it came to satisfaction with traffic and infrastructure. This category focused on evaluating factors such as annual hours commuters spend in traffic, average commute time by car, quality of roads, and quality of bridges, all areas NYC has been struggling with for decades:  

  • Traffic: Congestion is a constant concern when it comes to driving in NYC. According to the INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard, NYC ranks as the third most congested city in the world, only beat by Los Angeles (#1) and Moscow (#2). The report also named the Cross Bronx Expressway the most congested road in the nation, where travelers spend endless hours just sitting and waiting in traffic.
  • Infrastructure: The crumbling state of NYC bridges and roads have been a major topic this year. In 2017, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave New York bridges a rating of D+, with 2265 bridges under the category of structurally deficient. Potholes were also at an all-time high this year, partially due to the weather, but mostly due to delays in repairs or faulty fixes that did not hold up.

Stretched budgets and indecisive policies have kept these issues from improving for quite some time. Many city officials have offered up suggestions to solving these transportation nightmares, but politics always seem to get in the way of making any real improvements in the city.


Cost of Ownership

Not only are New York City commuters stuck in traffic on crumbling bridges and roads, drivers are shelling out more money just to own and maintain their vehicles than most other people around the country. NYC ranked as the 8th most expensive city when it came to the cost of car ownership, charging drivers escalated prices for vehicle necessities including:

  • Gas: New York has the ninth highest gas prices in the country. However, New York City pricing is higher, with averaging costs closer to the top three most expensive states. This Memorial Day, one gas station was charging an astounding $5 per gallon!
  • Car Insurance: NYC is the 13th most expensive city for car insurance. Traffic conditions, local laws, congestion, road conditions, and high crime rates all factor into what insurance companies will require drivers to pay to be covered for accidents.
  • Parking: Some of the most expensive parking spots in the world can be found right in New York City. In 2017, NYC was known for the highest two-hour parking fee ($62) and monthly parking average parking rate ($606.37).
  • Car Maintenance: An article released by U.S. News earlier this year named New York as the 13th most expensive place to own and maintain a car, with an estimated yearly cost of $12,835.


Access to Vehicles and Maintenance

If New York City drivers are going to be forced to pay high prices for vehicle maintenance, they might as well have easy access to services. NYC ranked third when it came to access to vehicle and maintenance services which include car dealerships, car washes, and repair shops- NYC ranks fourth in the nation for most auto-repair shops per capita!

Gas stations were also included in this category, however, not every NYC resident would agree there are enough. Last year, a record number of gas stations in Manhattan were closed. Drivers were so frustrated, they resorted to taking the tunnel to New Jersey to fill up rather than wait on line for an hour at one of the only pumps left in the borough.


Road Safety

Despite falling short in some of the categories above, it was a relief to see that NYC ranked 26th in overall road safety. Since beginning the Vision Zero plan in 2014, several initiatives have positively impacted the way drivers are getting around NYC, reducing the need for dangerous driving and placing heavy fines on those who violate traffic laws. Some of the areas NYC has improved on over the past few years include:

  • Traffic fatalities
  • Accident likelihood
  • Rate of car thefts and larceny
  • DUI penalties
  • Rate of hard braking

A recent report even showed traffic fatalities in NYC are significantly down in the first six months of 2018, providing a glimmer of hope that the city will continue to rise up in the rankings regarding safer streets for drivers, riders, and pedestrians.


Tips For Driving in NYC

Sometimes you cannot avoid having to drive in the dangerous and stressful concrete jungle that is New York City. It may not be driver friendly today, tomorrow, or in the near future, but if you prepare yourself enough it doesn’t have to be so terrible.

Trippsavvy and Action Care Rental New York offer some excellent advice to drivers visiting NYC that could also be helpful for residents and frequent commuters who still find it hard to navigate around this massive city:

  • Relax and don’t panic.
  • Watch your speed.
  • Make use of your mirrors.
  • Don’t challenge buses and taxi drivers.
  • Don’t turn on red.
  • Read the traffic signs carefully.
  • Beware of bikers.
  • Turn with caution.
  • Avoid the right lane.
  • Always watch for pedestrians.
  • Prepare to pay the meters.
  • Plan ahead where to park.
  • Don’t fall for tricky parking signs.  
  • Try not to add to the honking problem

Most importantly, plan ahead. Check the traffic, avoid roads and bridges with known problems, and fill up on gas before you get into the city to avoid falling into contagious road rage behaviors. If you can avoid driving…do it. It will save you a lot of stress and headaches overall.


Your Right To Safe NYC Road Travel

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