NYC Bus Accidents On The Rise

NYC Bus Accidents On The Rise

A recent spike in bus accidents has left New York City residents on high alert. This past Monday, three people were killed and dozens injured after a charter bus tragically crashed into an MTA bus in Queens. In a notoriously busy intersection, the MTA bus was turning right when the charter bus barreled into its side, forcing the vehicle onto the sidewalk and straight into the front of a restaurant.


Less than a week prior, a moped delivery driver was critically injured when colliding with an MTA bus at the intersection of Roosevelt Ave in Queens. The moped driver was sadly struck and dragged by the bus (while also making a right-hand turn) suffering severe head and body trauma. Thankfully, the driver is receiving care and expected to survive.


Just a few weeks ago, an MTA driver attempted to exit his bus while on break and was left in critical condition after the bus began to roll. Courageously attempting to hit the emergency break, the driver tried to reenter the bus but was crushed between the vehicle and a pole. Luckily, a fellow MTA driver who happened to witness the freak accident was successful in enacting the emergency break before anyone else was injured.


These massive vehicles are no joke.


New York City pedestrians more than anyone else must be vigilant when navigating city streets, paying extra caution to densely populated intersections. A staggering 52% of fatalities caused by bus and truck accidents are pedestrians; people who are not even riding in the vehicles.




Thousands of people are injured or killed every year in city bus accidents. Injuries sustained from these accidents can be devastating, ranging from fractures and broken bones to internal bleeding and paralysis.


So what is going on with these city buses that is causing an influx of life-altering injuries?  The answer: too much! Some of the most common variables increasing bus-related accidents include:


-Speeding (particularly through busy intersections)

-Driver fatigue

-Distracted drivers

-Reckless/careless driving practices

-Negligence in driving and vehicle maintenance

-Overcrowded bus loads

-Mechanical and part failures/defectiveness.




Bus accidents are terrifying, and for pedestrians, completely out of their control. As a resident of New York City, the most important actions you can take is to remain observant and informed. MTA drivers operate under specific laws and regulations unique to New York City, so knowing what steps to follow if you are involved in an MTA bus-related accident can be extremely helpful in resolving any harm caused:


-Ensure you are in a safe area away from the wreck.  

-Seek medical attention for any injuries and wounds.

-Document all injuries and accident details (including name of driver and bus number involved)

-File a police report as soon as possible.

-Contact legal representation immediately.


Be it inadequate driving or faulty bus maintenance, your health and well-being are always the number one priority. Make sure you always practice defensive walking safety when in the city; never assume any driver is always paying attention. If you or a family member were involved in a bus related accident that caused injury or death, contact Siler & Ingber for a free case evaluation.  Call 1-877-718-6079 to speak to one of our attorneys from our winning legal team.

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