New York Hospitals Ranked Among the Worst for Patient Safety

New York Hospitals Ranked Among the Worst for Patient Safety

Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States. Naturally, keeping this statistic in mind, New York patients are looking for the highest quality medical care they can find. But how do you know which medical centers focus on patient safety and which ones fall short of the quality standard?

As a leader in advocating for the public, Leapfrog Safety Grade is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing complete transparency when it comes to healthcare.  Leapfrog’s grading system uses letter ratings from A-F to evaluate facilities on:

  • Doctors, Nurses & Staff
  • Practices to Prevent Errors
  • Infections
  • Safety Problems
  • Problems with Surgery

This fall, Leapfrog published the biannual rating list for New York hospitals- the results were shockingly disappointing. Out of 142 New York medical facilities evaluated:

  • Only 7 hospitals received an ‘A’ rating
  • 26 hospitals received a ‘D’ rating
  • 3 NYC hospitals received an ‘F’ rating

Three hospitals receiving a failing grade may not seem too terrible. But when learning there were only 15 failed ratings given nationwide, that puts 20% of these facilities in New York! In addition, New York was rated 47th out of 50 states for providing effective patient safety measures.

Now, these ratings do not imply there are only seven hospitals in the state that patients should trust with their medical care, and they aren’t meant to devalue NY medical facilities. In 2012, when Leapfrog first began publishing the letter grades, hospitals and medical centers with unsatisfactory ratings were shown to improve significantly in quality care. By holding medical facilities accountable for providing the safest care for their patients, these organizations are changing for the better.

For more information on the how New York medical facilities rated near you, take a look at the full Fall 2017 list below:






Settling for low quality medical care simply due to your location is not a chance you should have to take with your health. If you or someone you love has been a victim of medical negligence, contact Siler & Ingber’s winning legal team to have a FREE case evaluation. Call 877.LAW.4343 to speak to our personal injury attorneys today.

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