New Law in Suffolk County Mandates Motor Vehicle Drivers to Give Three-Feet Distance to Cyclists

New Law in Suffolk County Mandates Motor Vehicle Drivers to Give Three-Feet Distance to Cyclists

The Suffolk County has recently passed a law mandating drivers of cars and other motor vehicles to give bicyclists at least three-feet distance when passing them. If the driver fails to do so, they’re liable to pay a fine.

Is the law effective currently?

Yes, the law came into effect on April 5, 2021. 

How much fine does a violator have to pay?

It states that if a driver violates the three-feet law, they could face a fine upto $225 in case of first offense, in event of a second offense, the fine is $325, and $425 for subsequent offense. However, you can file a personal injury claim if you (as the bicyclist) and the motor vehicle driver get into an accident due to the violation of this law and suffer injuries. We discuss this in detail subsequently. 

What are some of the other important things to know about this new law?

Firstly, it is important to remember that the law doesn’t apply on roads which have a designated cyclist lane. Secondly, this law supersedes the New York State Motor Vehicle Law that calls for ensuring “safe distance” when a motor vehicle passes a bicyclist. This law defines “safe distance” as three feet. 

Why is this law important for Suffolk residents?

As cycling becomes a preferred mode of commuting, it is imperative that they’re safe on the road. Moreover, numbers for New York State suggest that higher number of cyclists on the road has led to higher number of accidents, especially fatalities. As per reports released in 2020, there were 3,835 crashes in New York City involving cyclists and motorists in which the cyclist was injured or killed. One of the ways to reduce the number of crashes is ensuring that the motor vehicle maintains adequate distance from the cyclist while passing them on the road. 

What are the common causes of bicycle accidents? 

Some of the common causes of bicycle accidents are drunk driving, distracted driving, unsafe road conditions, dooring, etc. 

What can you do if you’re in an accident as a bicyclist?

If a bicyclist has been an injured due to any of the above reasons or more caused due to someone’s negligence, they can file a personal injury claim with the help of a top injury attorney. A personal injury lawyer will help file a settlement by taking into account all the hardships imposed on you due to the accident such as medical bills, lost wages, physical / emotional therapy, pain and suffering, lost enjoyment of life, or wrongful death. It is best to work with a personal injury attorney as the settlement received from the at-fault party’s insurance will be inadequate and only cover immediate medical bills. It is important that you get the compensation you deserve. 

If you or someone you know has been injured in a bicycle accident due tosomeone’s negligence and you need the best personal injury attorney, contact Siler & Ingber today. Call us on 1-877-529-4343 or complete our online form on this page to schedule a case evaluation with one of our experienced personal injury lawyers. Our consultation is free and we do not charge a fee unless we win your case.

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