National Safety Month – Workplace Wellbeing

National Safety Month

National Safety Month – Workplace Wellbeing

Every year in the month of June, National Safety Month is celebrated where extra focus is put on making the environments and surroundings safe and free from any kind of danger. By celebrating this day awareness is created to make the environment safer for all those who work hard for an honest pay.  Learning the safety measures puts the employers under pressure to offer a safer working environment to their employees.

Being Safe from Workplace Impairment

Every now and then we hear of injuries and even deaths of workers in industries. On construction sites and in industries the work conditions are physically demanding, such as in mining, fishing, construction etc. These workplaces have the potential to improve the well-being and safety of workers.

Fatigue is also one of the major causes of workplace accidents and it can have serious consequences for worker health and safety. Fatigue can lead to reduced attention, limited short-term memory, slowing down of reaction time and can also impair judgement. The fatigue that is work related is often due to extended work hours, nonstandard schedules, night shifts, etc which can disrupt the sleep cycle of the worker. There are also some other factors like hot weather, physically demanding work, skipping meals and more that can cause weakness and exhaustion.

The mental health of workers is also a huge concern when it comes to their safety and health. The workplaces are rapidly evolving which is causing a lot of stress and poor mental health. Also, the difficult working conditions in majority of the places lead to impairment. The inability to function safely and normally is known as impairment and it is a result of several factors like social factors (professional work environment and other stressors), physical factors (certain medical conditions and fatigue), and mental distress (illness or other factors). It has been observed that impairment in workers has decreased the safety of the complete workforce.

Slips, falls and trips are a leading cause of workplace injuries and deaths. The falls can happen anywhere whether it is while a person is working at a height or whether they are just walking on the floor. The need of the hour for all workers is to keep their eyes out for hazards and keep themselves safe by following all safety protocols.

What to do if you have been in a workplace accident?

Construction sites, mining sites etc are dangerous places where even precautions sometimes cannot protect the worker from getting injured. When an accident does happen on the job, it is important to stay calm, composed and seek immediate medical attention. Along with your treatment, you should also consider your right and ability to recover rightful compensation. For this get in touch with an experienced lawyer like Siler & Ingber who will provide you with the required guidance and counselling and would help you navigate through this whole process.

This National Safety Month Siler & Ingber team promises to provide legal representation to injured workers, victims and families across New York. Unfortunately, accidents do occur at construction sites and workplaces, it is always important to be prepared. For any kind of legal help regarding personal injury claims, Siler & Ingber team are always there for you.

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