Montauk Highway: Site of Multiple Fatal Traffic Crashes

Montauk Highway: Site of Multiple Fatal Traffic Crashes

While a fatal car accident can happen at nearly any time, some roads and highways see more than others. Sometimes this is due to the dangerous nature of the road itself—perhaps it has a number of tight, blind corners. In other cases, a road might be more likely to see a large number of drunk drivers, especially if several bars or gathering places are nearby.

Whatever the reason, these stretches of highway eventually gain a reputation for being “dangerous,” and Montauk Highway on Long Island is well on its way to gaining this status. On July 20, 2017, the road was the site of a fatal crash between two drivers—just the latest in a series of such accidents that stretches back several years.

Head-On Crash

The unfortunate accident took place between a Ford Focus and a Ford Mustang that were driving in opposite directions. While the driver of the Focus was hospitalized in serious condition, the driver of the Mustang died at the scene.

In a cruel twist of fate, the head-on crash took place alongside a memorial that had been put up in remembrance of a previous fatal accident.

Montauk No Stranger to Traffic Accidents

Even aside from the roadside memorial, Montauk Highway has been the site of several other fatal crashes. A particularly traumatic one took place in 2015 when a driver lost control of his Suburban and crashed into two others. He was ejected from the SUV and suffered fatal injuries.

The driver of a Jeep (one of the other two vehicles involved) was arrested for drunk driving. While she doesn’t appear to have been the primary cause of the accident, it’s certainly possible that her impaired reflexes might have contributed to what happened.

The Case of the Stolen Dirt Bikes

In what has to be one of the more bizarre fatal accidents to occur on Montauk Highway, two men riding a dirt bike were chased down and run over by the driver of a minivan just this past June. Both of the men on the dirt bike did not survive.

According to reports, the dirt bike was stolen from the owner of the minivan, who intentionally ran the two down in an effort to reclaim his property.

While this case differs from many of the other Montauk crashes in that it was a homicide, it does emphasize that you can never know what’s coming up on the road ahead of you, and the story also contributes to Montauk Highway’s growing reputation as a “dangerous road.”

Long Island Car Crash Attorneys

While Montauk Highway sees more than its fair share of crashes, it certainly isn’t the only road where car accidents occur. A wreck can happen to anyone, and if you’ve been injured in a collision, you might have a right to financial compensation.

If this sounds like your situation, Siler & Ingber, LLP is here to help. To discover what we can do for you, schedule a free consultation by completing the form below or by calling us directly at 1-877-718-6079.

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