Legal Provisions for Firefighters and Police Officers Injured in the Line of Duty in New York

Firefighters and police officers are the superheroes who literally save lives. As front-line
responders, they’re at the site of accident at the drop of a hat. Importantly, their job is
dangerous and life threatening. Injuries caused in the line of duty can have life altering
consequences for them. It can impact their life by leaving them disabled or with long-term
injuries. Unfortunately, some injuries can also be fatal. Therefore, it is important that these
firefighters and police officers are duly compensated if they’re injured in the line of duty.
Personal injury attorneys are well-equipped to handle such cases.

Legal provisions for firefighters in New York

A New York law, that is General Municipal Law Section 205-a, establishes a framework for
when firefighters can file a lawsuit for on-the-job injuries. Otherwise, firefighters are limited to
workers’ compensation and other benefits to cover their losses, which are absolutely
inadequate to recover the losses incurred.

Under General Municipal Law Section 205-a, firefighters or their families can file a lawsuit
and seek compensation for their damages if they suffer injuries or death in the line of duty.
Under this law, a claim can proceed if the injury or death was the result of a violation of any
statute, code, regulation, or rule recognized by the jurisdiction at the site of the accident. If
the injury or death was sustained in the line of duty and caused due to the abovementioned
violations that had a “practical or reasonable” connection to the injury, a firefighter can seek
compensation for their injury.

Violation of specific laws can be used to form the basis of a section 205-a lawsuit including
the New York State Multiple Dwelling Law, the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, the
Penal Law, the New York State Labor Law and (in certain situations) the Occupational
Safety and Health Act.

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Legal provisions for police officers in New York

Under General Municipal Law 205-e, police officers injured in the line of duty can sue
responsible people / institution / entities. For wrongful death lawsuits, the family of the
deceased police officer can file a lawsuit. The law permits police officers or their family
members to file a lawsuit against anyone who failed to comply with the requirements of any
of the statutes, ordinances, rules, orders and requirements of the federal, state, county,
village, town or city governments or of any and all their departments, divisions and bureaus.
If that failure resulted in the accident that caused the injury / death, an officer can file a

The laws regarding claims brought by police officers who are injured in the line of duty are
different than those brought by civilians. For example, a police officer can file a lawsuit
against a suspect who assaulted him or her in the line of duty or against the town or city that
employs them, or even a fellow police officer.

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Cases related injury in the line of duty are complex. It is best to work with a personal injury
attorney to help you get a fair compensation.

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