Is Your Child Going to Summer Camp? Here’s What You Need to Know

Is Your Child Going to Summer Camp

Is Your Child Going to Summer Camp? Here’s What You Need to Know

Summer camps are the best part of the year for kids, it allows them to learn new things, meet new people, make a lot of friends and enjoy the various outdoor activities organized for them. Every parent while sending their kids for summer camp expects that their children would be cared for properly and would remain safe during the camp. Once kids are away from their parents and home, they feel overly independent, this overconfidence and carelessness make them a victim of various injuries. 

One single mistake at the summer camp can turn the fun into the worst nightmare for the kids. Parents of kids attending summer camps are always worried until the kids are back home unscathed. Here are some summer camp accidents which the parents need to be aware of and can guide their kids accordingly to ensure that they are safe, secure and away from any kind of mishap during their summer camp. 

  • Lack of Adult Supervision

When it comes to kids, supervision of an adult is the key to preventing any kind of summer camp injuries. In all summer camps, it is of utmost importance that trained staff is hired who can follow all the safety protocols and proper childcare facilities are available. The staff failing to take care of the young campers is a red flag that some kids might get hurt due to negligence. 

  • Water Hazards & Drowning

Pools and waterfronts in a summer camp can be a potentially dangerous place where kids can get hurt or drown. Children of any age should not be left unattended near pools. Unless there is a lifeguard or a proper trainer, kids should not be allowed to enter the water. Parents should make their kids aware of the hazards of water and also the water safety tips. 

  • Dehydration

Summers are extremely hot in many parts of the world and especially if it’s humid, the body tends to lose out on more body fluids. Not drinking enough water during the summer camp can cause dehydration and heatstroke that can at times even be fatal. It is the duty of the camp staff to ensure that kids are well hydrated and are not out in the sun for very long durations. Any kind of negligence which could cause a child a lifelong trauma would make the person in charge of the child liable for their health issues. 


Every child looks forward to a summer camp, it gives them the opportunity to grow, learn new things and experience the different things in life, but keeping them safe is the responsibility of the camp organizers. Siler & Ingber are your go-to personal injury attorneys who can take care of any situation involving an injury. If your child has been injured/hurt due to the negligence of the camp organizers, you have every right to file a claim. Siler & Ingber’s team studies your case and helps you get the compensation you deserve for their carelessness that leads to the child’s injury.  

Why should you suffer for someone else’s mistakes? Let us help you with the claim. Call us today for a free evaluation.

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