Is it Always the Truck Driver’s Fault in a Truck Accident in New York?

Is it Always the Truck Driver’s Fault in a Truck Accident in New York

Is it Always the Truck Driver’s Fault in a Truck Accident in New York?

It is not always the truck drivers who are responsible for truck accidents that occur on the road. There may be many other reasons for an accident. It is at times that a truck driver sitting behind the wheel commits an error that leads to an accident, however, in other scenarios, the trucker might not have done anything wrong and still, an accident would have occurred. Perhaps, in such a situation it was the company that owned the truck that made the error, which makes the owner liable for your damage and injuries. 

Road accidents involving trucks can quickly become disastrous, causing lifelong injuries, property damage, and even fatalities. Trucks have a large size, carry massive weight and their 18 wheels make them absolutely difficult to handle and avoid. Trucks and truck drivers are at great risk themselves when they are on the road but it is also the drivers and passengers of the small vehicles that suffer the consequences. 

Let’s take a look at the common causes of truck-related accidents that happen in New York:-

  • Illegal License

To drive a truck in New York the truck drivers need to have a commercial driver’s license to operate legally in each state. For a trucker to hold a legal license they need to:-

  • Be 18 years and older
  • Be relatively physically fit
  • Hold New York driver’s license
  • Have an adequate and good vision and recognize the colors of the Traffic Light

If a truck company hires someone who doesn’t have a valid commercial driver’s license, then in an accident situation the liability is on the trucking company’s part. 

  • Overloading of truck

While driving on the road at times you also must have come across some trucks that seem loaded more than their actual capacity. At times the company that owns the trucks violates laws regarding the maximum weight the trucks can carry. The driver may be completely unaware of the overload. If overloading has caused the accident or the truck crash then the truck company is to be held responsible. 80,000 pounds is the weight limit for large trucks in New York. The New York truck accident lawyer understands these rules and regulations and will apply them to your case if at all you or someone you know has been in an accident with a truck. 

  • Improper Maintenance

Every truck company has people for the maintenance of their trucks. In case of an accident that is caused due to failed brakes or any other technical issue of the truck, then it may indicate a fault on the mechanic team’s part. 

If a faulty part created by a manufacturer has been installed in the truck that leads to the accident then it is the manufacturer who is at fault.

  • Improper Loading

The way a truck is loaded makes a huge difference in maintaining the balance of the truck. If improper loading of the truck has been done, the cargo will experience a shift during a turn, making the driver lose control and crash into a car / other vehicles. 

In a crash like this, it is not the driver’s fault as he or she wasn’t involved the loading of cargo. 

We, Will, Find out Who is Liable for Your Truck Accident

The New York Truck Accident Lawyer Siler & Ingber are all set to investigate your case and determine whose fault it is. We give it our best shot for all our cases and aim at winning the personal injury claim related to the truck accident for you. 

If you were injured in a wreck with a commercial vehicle then you have found the right people to fight your case. Get in touch with us for a free consultation. 

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