Importance of a Witness in a Car Accident Claim

Importance of a Witness in a Car Accident Claim

A car accident is often a result of someone’s negligence. In such a scenario, the victim is owed compensation for the injuries they’ve incurred as well as other long- and short-term damages. In order to receive fair compensation, evidence is pertinent in a car accident claim. 

Evidence includes photographs, documentation such as medical bills, proof of loss of income/livelihood due to the injuries sustained, etc. Among the various evidence available, witnesses also play an important role, as agreed by car accident attorneys.  Here is what you need to know about witnesses in a car accident claim.

Types of witnesses

There are two types of witnesses in a car accident claim: 

  1. Eyewitness: refer to someone who was at the site of the accident, however, not one of the passengers in the motor vehicle that suffered or caused the accident. Their testimony is objective and a near first-hand account of what occurred at the site of the accident. Examples of eyewitnesses are pedestrians at the site of the accident, other drivers at the site of the accident, and employers/owners/customers of businesses in and around the area of the accident. If someone has been in an accident, car accident lawyers recommend that they try to talk to the witnesses and record their contact details to reach them at the time of filing the claim, and request their statement.


  1. Expert witness: In scenarios where claims are more complex than usual, and negligence cannot be proved with the evidence at hand, it is recommended to include expert witness testimony, for example, a medical professional who can confirm that the injuries caused are due to the accident. This can strengthen the claim and prove the negligence of the at-fault driver. Hence, in addition to maintaining medical records and expenses, it is pertinent to talk to the medical professional and seek their help, if required, as a witness. 

Impact of a witness on a case

Both the categories of witnesses, as mentioned above, are important to a car accident claim. They build the evidence and strengthen it so that the victim can receive the compensation they deserve. Hence, witnesses, in addition to other evidence are critical to a car accident claim. 

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