How to Properly Photograph the Evidence of an Automobile Accident

How to Properly Photograph the Evidence of an Automobile Accident

An automobile accident is one of the most common reasons for accidents and causes of injuries in the United States. Predictably, New York State, due to its volume of traffic, is home to a large number of vehicular accidents, including car collisions, motorcycle accidents, collisions involving bicycles, and even trucks. Unfortunately, an automobile accident can leave the victim severely injured. 

If the automobile accident is caused due to someone’s negligence, the victim can hire an automobile accident lawyer to file a compensation claim against the negligent party. However, in such a scenario, the victim and the lawyer must gather relevant evidence to strengthen their claim and get the right compensation for the loss incurred due to the accident. For example, in the case of a car collision, medical reports are a critical piece of evidence. You can know more about the relevant evidence in a car accident

Photographs as evidence

If you’ve been in an accident and look to file a legal claim, any automobile accident lawyer will ask you for relevant evidence, and photographs are one of the most important pieces of the evidence puzzle. Moreover, each photograph must make the case stronger in your favor. 

Here are some important tips while taking photographs of an automobile accident site for evidence: 

  1. Photograph the entire scene for an overview: Before moving the vehicles on the side of the road, photograph the entire scene to clearly depict how the accident occurred. Moreover, take photos from different angles which can provide multiple perspectives to the viewer. Do not worry about unwanted elements appearing in the photo, like trees, bystanders, police officers, etc., but ensure that the vehicles involved are clearly visible.
  2. Document the damage: Take clear photographs of the damage caused to the vehicle, for example, broken windows, dented doors, or broken mirrors. This will help the automobile accident attorney gauge the scale of the accident visually. 
  3. Document the injuries: While the first step is to seek medical help, if possible, it is advised to photograph the injuries incurred. It is very important to note that it is only appropriate to photograph your injuries. If you want to take photos of someone else’s injuries, please seek their permission or ask your automobile accident lawyer for the best way forward. 
  4. Other property damage – While the accident may have been caused to a collision between vehicles, it may have caused damage to other property, for example, a pillar/post which may have been dented, etc. In such a scenario, it is important to photograph any such damage not directly involved in the collision but dented/damaged as a result of it. 

However, remember that your safety is a priority. If you or someone you know has been in an accident, seek medical care first. Reach out to close friends who can help you get the photographs and other relevant evidence. 

If you or someone you know has been in a car accident and you need the best automobile injury attorney, contact Siler &Ingber today. Call us on 1-877-529-4343 or complete our online form on this page to schedule a case evaluation with one of our experienced automobile accident lawyers. Our consultation is free and we do not charge a fee unless we win your case.


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