How Road Rage Can Contribute to Car Accidents

How Road Rage Can Contribute to Car Accidents

Whether you believe it or not, but road rage is one of the top causes of road/car accidents. A momentary burst of anger or frustration can lead to poor driving decisions while on the road. It is often considered that road rage only includes extremely violent actions or behaviour when behind the wheel, but road rage can include many different kinds of aggressive driving. When a driver engages in risky/dangerous conduct because of impatience, frustration, anger or any other uncontrolled emotion, the threat of a collision skyrockets.

Siler & Ingber car accident lawyers are well aware that divers involved in road rage are more likely to make mistakes in their driving conduct. Car accidents resulting from road rage can cause serious injuries to the driver and the drivers of the other cars involved.

Here in this blog, we shall help you learn how road rage can influence car accidents.

Actions that can be Examples of Road Rage

Driving can be really stressful and hence here we have a few examples that qualify as road rage:-

  • Frequent changing of lanes without any reason.
  • Bullying by driving dangerously close behind a vehicle and forcing them to drive fast.
  • Driving on a high beam when right behind another vehicle.
  • Screaming or yelling curses which people in the other cars can hear.

These are only a few; there are many other actions that can constitute road rage.

Guidelines to Stop Accidents Caused by Road Rage

There are certain ways in which a road rage accident can be avoided. All road rage episode starts with these key areas:-

    • Keeping up the pace
      If you are driving slow in the left lane, you are asking for trouble. If someone is signalling you for a pass, you should move to the right lane regardless of your speed.


    • Attitude
      It’s not a competition when you are on the road going from one place to another. Staying calm composed and focused is important to avoid road rage.


    • Provoke
      Do not get instigated or provoked by another driver. You cannot fight alone. Remember, getting drawn into a confrontation will only end badly.


    • Changing Lanes
      When changing lanes or merging into the traffic, do not surprise other drivers as they might get frustrated by your behaviour of suddenly merging into the traffic without proper signalling.


    • Tailgating
      Keep a safe distance from the car in front of you. Tailgating can reduce your response to traffic and can also seriously annoy the driver in front of you.


    • Apologize
      If you make a mistake while on the road, own it and apologize to the driver affected. Make appropriate gestures such as waving or smiling so that the driver knows you didn’t do it on purpose.


Get in Touch with an Accident Attorney

Road rage can get very ugly. The dangers of road rage and frustrated drivers should never get in the way of you reaching home safely to your family. Be alert, courteous and kind to avoid most cases of road rage. If you or your loved ones have been in an accident that was caused due to road rage, you should immediately get in touch with the Siler & Ingber team of attorneys. They are the best in this field and would help you get compensated in the best possible way. Get in touch for a free evaluation of your case.

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