Last month Governor Cuomo announced that Halloween and trick-or-treating will not be canceled. Cuomo stated that although he would not stop anyone from celebrating this holiday, he is asking New Yorkers to follow guidelines and celebrate Halloween more safely. The New York Department of Health released Halloween guidelines that emphasize celebrations at home. Additionally, the New York City Department of Mental Health and Hygiene released similar guidelines for residents in the city. Despite celebrating this holiday in a different way this year, there are still many fun and safe ways to be festive. Here are some creative ways to celebrate Halloween in NY:


  • Host a Virtual Halloween Party: Similar to many virtual hangouts through various video communications apps that have been used during the lockdown, this can be a fun way to party with others from home.
  • Take part in a Spooky Movie Marathon:A great way to have fun at home on Halloween is to check out television networks and online streaming apps for scary and kid-friendly Halloween movies for a night of spooks.
  • A Night of Home Games and Activities: From pumpkin carving to Halloween-themed games, these activities can bring the holiday spirit home for families to have fun.
  • Hold a Candy Scavenger Hunt: Create a candy hunt at home for kids and even adults or go to a socially-distance scavenger hunt in the city.

If you plan to go trick-or-treating, here are some tips to keep in mind while in your neighborhood:

  • Trick-or-Treating with Family: Consider going in a small group of family members to trick-or-treat
  • Avoid Contact WithOthers: Whether you are handing out candy or asking for candy, avoid as much contact with others to decrease the spread of COVID. Consider creating a grab and go stations with candy sealed properly and spaced apart (avoid using bowls).
  • Wear a Face Mask: No matter if a costume incorporates a mask or not, make sure to wear a face-covering that provides adequate protection.
  • Keep Hands Clean: During and after trick-or-treating, make sure to wash and/or sanitize your hands. For those who are handing out, treats consider leaving some hand sanitizer for people to use.

It is important to keep safe on Halloween, remember these points:

  • Keep a safe distance in order to reduce the spread of COVID
  • Avoid attending parties or large gatherings.
  • Do not host a party, especially with people that are from out of state.
  • When trick-or-treating, if possible, avoid crowded streets and wear a face covering.

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