Fourth of July Backyard Safety

Fourth of July Backyard Safety

Don’t Let Your Summer Festivities Turn Tragic

With this week following a holiday of fun festivities, there are a few safety concerns to keep in mind. America’s birthday usually means the tradition of fireworks, road trips to the beach, and a barbecue celebration with family and friends. Although these activities are more than exciting and something to look forward to, this week is also known to be one of the most dangerous weeks of summer. The National Safety Council estimates 409 people may be killed on the roads this upcoming holiday period. Drivers need to always be vigilant and aware that there will be many more drivers on the road. Make sure to give yourself enough time, focus on both your safety as well as those around you. Be sure to buckle up, reduce your speed and refrain from distractions like using your cell phone. Lastly, do NOT drink and drive. If you plan on drinking, make sure to organize make a designated driver or an alternative form of transportation.

With an average of 230 fireworks-related injuries near, and on Independence Day, being part of a home firework show must be carefully considered. Not only is it illegal within the state of NY to have possession of fireworks but the risks of injuries are high. However, if you still feel the need to take part in setting off fireworks, please remember the risks involved. Fireworks can easily start a fire, and the chances multiply when the climate is dry. Even something as innocent as simple sparklers can set off a fire if you don’t properly make sure that the flame is out before throwing it away. Always point fireworks and sparkles away from yourself and those around you. The most common cause of fireworks-related injuries is being too close. So keep your distance and never allow young children to play with fireworks, including sparklers; as sparklers burn at temperatures near 2,000 degrees. The last thing to remember is if lighting a firework does nothing and it burns without setting it off, don’t re-light it.  In the case of “duds,” as these defective firecrackers are called, you must leave the dud alone for 20 minutes before putting it in a bucket of water.  By trying to light it again you are setting yourself up for danger if it happens to explode.

Overall, throughout the summer it is important to follow back-yard safety. Be sure to follow proper barbecuing instructions, always watch children by the pool, and don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

The Siler & Ingber team wishes you a happy and safe Independence Day Week.


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