Falling Merchandise in Retail Stores

Falling Merchandise in Retail Stores

Have you wondered about getting injured by a stack of canned tomatoes at a store? Does it concern you that the personal injury caused by such an incident could lead to serious medical conditions? These questions might not concern a lot of shoppers who visit retail stores on a regular basis. But there are some people who have suffered from damages due to falling merchandise in a small or big store. In New York City, most big-chain outlets work as warehouses by storing a lot of products in huge numbers. In these retail stores, consumers pick and choose products according to their personal needs as and when needed. There are thousands of instances recorded in the Legislative Analyst Report – Warehouse Safety Standards that tell us about personal injuries caused by falling merchandise. Mentioned below are three key questions that you must note in order to safeguard yourself at a retail store.

What are the common injuries caused by falling merchandise? 

When an individual is visiting a retail store to buy certain products for her/his official or personal use, they are supposed to get a safe environment. It is the legal duty of the brand to ensure that no personal harm is caused to consumers inside the store. The negligence shown by the staff members can lead to mild, as well as, serious medical issues listed below:

  • Broken bones in the arms, neck, spinal cord, legs, etc.
  • Herniated discs in the legs, neck, and back
  • Bruises and lacerations in any part of the body
  • Concussions and other forms of trauma in the brain
  • Internal organ damage
  • Fatal accident


What are the safety rules that retail stores must follow? 

There can be situations where you visit a retail store to shop and face an accident. This can occur in various forms such as heavy tools falling on top of you, a pile of household appliances hurting your body parts, etc. The main cause behind such instances is the negligence shown by the store manager and staff members. People who suffer from injuries in retail stores due to merchandise falling on them have the right to get personal injury compensation. Safety rules that must be incorporated in retail stores are as follows:

  • Standardized placement of heavy merchandise on lower shelves
  • Secure stack of machinery, books, canned goods, etc., in an effective manner
  • Regular inspection of racks and shelves to maintain safety within the store
  • Avoid re-stacking items when customers are present at the premises
  • Ensure that no products are hanging from the ceiling
  • Proper training program from old and new staff members on safety management

How do you get compensation for any personal injury? 

Even if you have not suffered from a personal injury caused by merchandise falling on your body, the chances of witnessing such an incident, at least once in your lifetime, are very high. Most of the time, people who get wounded at a store react in two ways. If the personal damage is not severe, they tend to brush off the matter. On the other hand, if their injury has led to serious medical concerns, then they demand compensation from the store. If you have come across a similar issue, it would be best to consult a personal injury attorney who will help you in proving the negligence shown by the retail store. Under the New York liability law, the store must provide compensation to the customer.

3 tips to keep yourself safe in a retail store: 

Being aware of your surrounding in a retail store is imperative for every individual. When you get wounded due to the negligence shown by the staff members, you will have enough proof to show in court. Here are three tips that you can take note of:


  1. If there are piles of canned goods or heavy tools placed in a dangerous manner, you must bring it to the store manager’s attention immediately.
  2. In case you face an injury due to merchandise falling on any of your body parts, it would be best to click pictures. However, if you are unable to do it yourself because of unbearable pain or loss of blood, ask your friend or family member to click photographs.
  3. Do not make a statement without the presence of your lawyer when the authorities get involved. An experienced personal injury attorney should be contacted as soon as possible.

Since it is the duty of a retail store to provide a safe environment for consumers, you must get compensation for any form of personal injury.

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