Election Day is Near…Long Lines to Vote, So Why Bother?

Election Day is Near…Long Lines to Vote, So Why Bother?

As November 3, 2020 nears, the country is gearing up for one of the most controversial general elections in U.S. History.  The 2020 election amid the COVID-19 pandemic is showing record numbers of people early voting.  Early voting centers across the nation are seeing massive crowds of voters waiting to exercise their right to vote.  New Yorkers are facing hours of long lines and some may think, why bother?

Some people may feel that their vote doesn’t matter, or will not count.  Believing that it is not worth their time. What you must understand is that the general election is not only for you to vote for the next President, but to select local and state representatives.  Your vote focuses on the state and county you reside within. It is your right as aeligible voter to have your voice heard on the issues that matter to you. Here are some of the top reasons why it is important for you to take the time to vote:

  • For the Future!
    America and its progress as a country is chosen by those who vote. As an eligible American voter, you have the power to decide who will represent you and make sure that they represent the policies and issues that are important to you.
  • Because You Pay Taxes!
    Are you concerned how the taxes you contribute are spent? By exercising your right to vote you have a chance to support the representatives that share the same views on the best way to spend tax dollars.
  • Because You Can!
    Voting is a privilege. For various reasons, there are thousands of Americans where many barriers exist that inhibit their constitutional right to vote.  Whether it be for family members or friends, your vote can help their voices be heard with your vote.
  • Have a Say in Your Community!
    It is an opportunity to make a change on issues within the community such as minimum wage, public transportation, and even school funding.
  • Be Heard!
    Don’t give up your voice. The power is in your vote, and when you decide not to vote, you are letting others speak for you and choose for you.

Now is the time to take action and have your voice be heard.  Get out and vote, exercise your right to take an active roll in shaping the future of America.

To find an early voting center in your location, see below:

Bronx:  https://www.voteearlyny.org/#!Bronx

Brooklyn: https://www.voteearlyny.org/#!Brooklyn

Manhattan: https://www.voteearlyny.org/#!Manhattan

Nassau County:  https://www.voteearlyny.org/#!Nassau

Queens: https://www.voteearlyny.org/#!Queens

Staten Island: https://www.voteearlyny.org/#!Staten%20Island

Suffolk County:  https://www.voteearlyny.org/#!Suffolk

Westchester:  https://www.voteearlyny.org/#!Westchester

To Learn Where You Go to Vote on Election Day, November 3rd:

Click on the link below and enter the county you live in, your name, date of birth and zip code.


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