Distracted Nurses in Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

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Distracted Nurses in Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

We all are aware of the dangers of distracted driving, but are you all aware of the distracted medical care specialists who use cell phones while providing treatments to patients, especially in paediatric care units? Studies have found that the negligence of distracted nurses is harming the young patients. 

Every healthcare professional owes their patients a standard duty of care when they are working in a nursing home or a hospital. Failing to act in a manner which is consistent with the expectation of the medical community can get the nurses and the doctors into grave trouble. If you have had an encounter with a distracted nurse/doctor then you have all the right to file a claim against them. For a doctor or nurse to be distracted at work is an offence, it is because their being distracted is putting someone’s life in danger. 

Why are Nurses Distracted?

As the medical systems are advancing, the industry is getting more and more dependent on technology. In an attempt to curb medical errors, hospitals are spending tons of money on electronic devices that give health care providers instant access to drug information, patient data, medical references or material etc. Unfortunately, just like all other innovations, this advancement has come with a downside; the focus of the healthcare professionals has shifted to these electronic devices and away from their patients. These electronic devices like computers and phones have also allowed health workers to do non-work-related tasks such as talking to family members, texting a friend, checking e-mails, checking social media, surfing the internet, etc during critical hours when the patient needs their attention. A term has been given to this kind of distraction and is called – ‘distracted doctoring ’. 

Avoiding Errors in Medication Administration

All the healthcare providers who are taking care of fragile patients and those within the paediatric intensive care unit should be given some mistake-proofing tools to perform their routine services so that they can provide compassionate care without harmful distractions. The hospitals and nursing homes need to make sure that there is no room for any kind of error in every patient’s medical care.  The one way in which all kinds of mistakes and errors can be avoided is by minimizing the interruptions during the medical administration process, so that a strong focus is enforced by the health system and the hospitals. In fact, with kids in the paediatric intensive care unit, the medical staff needs to be even more careful and attentive. 

Get Help from an Attorney

Kids in the hospital can be a very stressful situation and on top of that, if you get a distracted medical staff, the condition worsens for the whole family.  If a medical error of a distracted nurse in the paediatric intensive care unit has harmed your child or someone you know, then you need to get in touch with a Personal injury lawyer at Siler & Ingber. For many years now the team of lawyers at Siler & Ingber have fought for compensation on behalf of many families like yours who have suffered because of the negligence of a healthcare provider. For a free evaluation of your case, contact the team today!

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