Distracted Driving – The Major Reason of Many Accident Injuries

Distracted Driving – The Major Reason of Many Accident Injuries

The cars nowadays are becoming more and more digitally advanced with the passing of time. As interactive technology finds its way into the cars that we drive, the probability of getting distracted while driving increases. In New York the vehicle accidents caused by distracted driving injures hundreds and thousands each year and claims the lives of more than 3,000 people. Fiddling with the cell phone, texting, taking to someone on the cell phone, using navigation system and even changing the radio station channel are distracted driver behaviours which can have serious consequences. 

What is meant by Distracted Driving?

Being attentive and alert while driving is very important to prevent accidents and crashes that lead to unintentional injuries and death. In most cases, cell phones and navigation devices are the culprits in distracting the driver but conventional distractions such as eating or interacting with passengers, also contribute majorly to crashes. 

Distracted driving is an activity that takes the attention of the driver away from driving and in turn increases the chances of crashing into a stationary or moving object. The distractions are categorized into 3 different kinds:-

  • Manual 

Any activity that requires the driver to remove one or both his hands from the steering wheel are called Manual Distractions. These include dialling a phone number on the cell phone, texting, eating, doing makeup in the car etc. 

  • Visual

Any activity that requires a driver to take his/her eyes off the road is termed as a Visual Distraction. These include checking e-mails on the cell phone, watching videos on the car screen or on the phone or even checking the GPS device. 

  • Cognitive

Any activity that leads to the driver taking his mind off the act of driving or focusing the attention elsewhere is termed as Cognitive Distraction. These include taking on the phone or even with a fellow passenger while driving. 

There are several activities that can distract a driver from keeping his or her attention on the road. It is at these times when you are not mentally or physically ready that crashes and accidents can occur. 

Distracted Driving is Dangerous, Why?

Quite a lot of people who drive distracted don’t think that their behaviour could be dangerous for them and for others. They are extremely confident about their ability to multitask and because it takes only a few minutes or seconds to drop a text to someone, answer a call or change the radio station, they feel that it won’t do any harm to anyone. However, the human brain is designed to perform only one task at a time. When you multitask, the brain starts to switch focus rapidly from one task to another. While driving if you are taking over a call or eating, it leaves you vulnerable and increases the likelihood that you will get involved in a serious crash. 

Who can help you in a Distracted Driver Injury Case?

Every other day there is some or the other case of injuries due to negligence or distraction during driving. Have you been injured in a car accident which has been caused by a distracted driver, if yes, then we at Siler & Ingber can help you. The accident could get you out of work for months and also might get you stuck under a mounting pile of medical bills. Contact Siler & Ingber’s law firm for a free legal consultation. All your questions will be answered and best course of action will be advised to you. They will stand by you 24/7 so do not hesitate to approach them for help at any time. A knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorney will be handling your case. 

Tarry no longer! Get the compensation you deserve for your injuries and sufferings. 

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