Top 10 Most Dangerous Toys of 2017

Top 10 Most Dangerous Toys of 2017

The holiday shopping season is in full swing! With Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us, it’s possible your closets are filling up quick with bargain priced gifts and surprises. As essential as it is to snag a great deal on gifts this time of year, it’s also important to make sure you are buying safe products, especially when purchasing for children.

World Against Toys Causing Harm (WATCH), is a non-profit group dedicating their efforts towards awareness of harmful toys and children’s products currently available for purchase on the marketplace. Beginning in 1968, WATCH has been educating the public on safe buying practices for almost 50 years, creating significant change in the recall process on children’s items.

Just in time for the gifting season, WATCH released its list of the ’10 Worst Toys’ on the 2017 market. We’ve briefly highlighted the dangers of each toy on the list to help you make safe purchases for your young ones this holiday and quickly return any items of concern before its too late:

Hallmark ‘Itty Bittys’ Baby Stacking Toy

This toy was officially recalled by CPSC in August of this year. However, this does not stop vendors who have these items in stock from selling them. Fabric hats and bows on this toy have been found to detach, posing a significant choking hazard for young children.

Razor Jetts Heel Wheels

Wheelies have been around for quite some time, but this product is slightly different. Featuring ‘real sparking’ wheels, this toy screams safety hazard for both the child wearing them and the children standing by to observe.

Wonder Woman Battle Sword

Made from a rigid plastic, you wouldn’t want your kids fighting each other with this sword. The design of the blade can cause significant damage to face and other areas of the body often struck during play fights.

Pull Along Polly

The pull string on this toy surpasses the 12-inch long limit on standard crib toys, measuring at a surprising 19-inches long. This length of the cord could cause strangulation, especially in the small children it’s made for.

Spider-Man Spider- Drone Official Movie Edition

Like most drones, this product requires the use of blades to launch into the air. The design of these blades are extremely dangerous for young consumers and can cause injury if used incorrectly or unsupervised.

Hand Fidgetz Spinners

Exploding to the height of popularity in April of this year, these products are everywhere this season. Further studies have shown these devices can contain high lead levels, as

well as reach dangerous temperatures when charging. Though not meant to be sold as a kids toy, these spinners are often found in the toy sections at stores and even given away as novelty gifts to children of all ages.

Nerf Zombie Strike Deadbolt Crossbow

This nerf gun is known for having a forceful release of the crossbow arrows when shooting, posing a risk of eye and other facial injuries to young spectators- and parent targets!

Oval Xylophone

Another toy geared towards young children that does not meet the measurement requirements! This xylophone has a 9.5-inch long drumstick handle which could block the airways of the 12-month babies it is marketed towards.

Slackers Slackline Classic Series Kit

The label on this product warns consumers that there is potential of causing “severe injury or even death”. This product can cause injury by falling or strangulation, yet is marketed to children of all ages.

Brianna Baby Doll

This realistic doll includes possible harmful accessories for young children. Ponytail holders and removable outfits on the doll can pose choking hazards for the 18-month and older age group it’s geared towards.

For more product safety information and demonstrations on this years dangers toys, WATCH’s website is packed with consumer references to help you shop safer for your children this holiday.

If your child was injured or killed due to manufacturers negligence of a toy or children’s product, contact our dedicated team at Siler and Ingber, LLP for help. Give us a call today at 1-877-718-6079 for a free consultation or contact us through the online form for support.

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