Common Landscaping Injuries and How to Avoid Them

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Common Landscaping Injuries and How to Avoid Them

There are some occupations which are more dangerous than others and landscaping tops this list of the riskiest occupation. It involves many unsafe things such as working with heavy machinery, working at a tall height, using sharp objects, exposure to chemicals etc. Even though this job is riskier compared to others, there is absolutely no excuse for landscape workers to work in unreasonable dangerous conditions. There are numerous occupational hazards related to this job but there are also plenty of ways in which these injuries can be prevented before they occur. 

Common Landscaping Injuries

  • Slip & Falls – from heights
  • Heat & Cold Stress/Weather Exposure
  • Hearing Loss – from loud equipment
  • Contact with hazardous material – when working closely with yard care products, pesticides and other toxic materials
  • Overexertion – from lifting heavy equipment
  • Cuts & Amputation – from plants or equipments

All these ranges from minor injuries like cuts or lacerations to death or paralysis. It is all a matter of some seconds that a minor injury could turn into something fatal. 

How to Avoid Landscaping Injuries

  • Dressing for Safety

For landscapers, transportation accidents were the most common kind of workplace accidents. While working, the landscapers need to ensure that they wear clothing keeping in mind their safety and visibility.  For E.g. when working near the road it is advised to very bright-coloured reflective gear that will make them visible to the drivers. Eye and ear protection are also important as landscapers often work with machines that produce high levels of noise and might kick debris into your eye while working. Loose clothing is recommended while on the job to avoid heating up the body, too loose clothes should also be avoided as they can get caught in the machinery. 

  • Machinery Training & Maintenance

Equipments, tools and machines are a vital part of a landscaper’s job and it is very essential that they be maintained properly and the workers are trained on how to use them safely. There are some equipments like blowers, mowers and chippers that are often used by landscapers and are potentially very dangerous if not used in the right manner. Regular maintenance of tools can not only make tasks easier but also prevents injuries caused by an equipment malfunction. 

  • Keeping Track of the Weather

Landscaping is one of those jobs where the professionals do not get the benefit of working in a climate-controlled setting or even indoors which is in itself a tough situation to deal with. To avoid any kind of weather-related hazards, one must monitor the weather forecasts closely so that appropriate safety measures can be taken. 

  • Taking Precautions While Using Hazardous Chemicals

Landscapers have to use chemical products like pesticides which can cause various health issues if not used with proper precautions. The safety measures to be taken vary from product to product; hence workers need to be trained for it.  

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