Bizarre Claims and Personal Injury Myths

Bizarre Claims and Personal Injury Myths

Working in the field of personal injury law, we’ve seen our fair share of bizarre claims. But some cases, in particular, hit the mark for being strange and unlucky!

If you’re debating on contacting a personal injury lawyer after sustaining an unfortunate injury, these cases might help you decide if your accident is worth a claim:

  • A client received $4,000 for a convertible mishap involving a cement truck. When driving with the top down a cement truck passed him, spurting cement into his hair- yikes!
  • An overly aggressive goose attacked a woman and her son while they were playing at a park. The woman suffered a tailbone fracture after falling when fighting off the goose. She filed a suit against the park as a result of the injury for not posting warning signs about aggressive birds.
  • When going to her hair stylist for a chemical straightening treatment, a teacher filed a claim against the salon after large chunks of her hair began to fall out! The client was so traumatized and depressed she could no longer work. Luckily, she won $6,000 from her case to help with the lack of income resulting from the incident.
  • Back in 1991, a client filed a suit for $10,000 against Budweiser. The claim stated that after drinking Budweiser, the client suffered psychological trauma accompanied by emotional distress.
  • A minor who visited the dentist for an appointment walked away missing four of the wrong teeth! Somehow the client’s chart was mixed up with another patient’s with the same name, resulting in the wrong procedure for the patient and a lawsuit for the dentist of $8,000.

These accidents are perfect examples to show there really are no typical personal injury claims. Every case is different, and we try to help each client the best we can to get the results they deserve.

Unfortunately, our industry does not always receive a positive reputation. There are many myths that can confuse individuals who are interested in filing a claim, encouraging them to file for the wrong reasons or deterring them from filling altogether:

  1. Filing a claim for a personal injury is too hard– The majority of claims are actually handled quite quickly. With well-prepared documents and effective communication, it’s pretty common to handle your claim promptly.
  2. Personal injury claims are foolish– Not if it means fighting for your health and well being after an unnecessary accident caused by another!
  3. Hiring a lawyer is always a bad idea– People who tell you this most likely have had a bad experience or know a person of a person who has. A lawyer can be the best defense in resolving an issue you would have painfully dealt with otherwise.
  4. Compensation is guaranteed when you file a claim– A big disappointment for a lot clients, but compensation is never guaranteed. Sometimes there is not enough evidence or information to prove there was any wrongdoing by the plaintiff.
  5. You will spend too much time in court- The majority of cases are resolved in a settlement before talk of a trial. Some clients who have won their claim never saw the inside of a courtroom.

We understand the process of filing a personal injury claim can be overwhelming and confusing, but Siler and Ingber, LLP is here to help! Our team of experienced Long Island attorneys are experts in the personal injury laws that were made to protect you after an injury. Give us a call today at 1-877-718-6079 for a free consultation or contact us online through the form.

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