Biggest Mistakes after a Truck Accident.

Biggest Mistakes after a Trucking Accident

Biggest Mistakes after a Truck Accident.

Truck accidents are much more dangerous and complex than any other regular motor vehicle accident. Being injured in a truck accident can be extremely painful, stressful and completely devastating. Due to the large size of the truck, the collisions involving them can result in serious injuries. Many collisions with the truck are tragically fatal which leaves behind family members with the task of filing wrongful death claims while grieving their dear ones. The ones that survive such accidents with the truck may face financial devastation from not being able to work and mounting medical bills. With the help of a truck accident lawyer, you can recover maximum compensation for all your lost earnings, medical expenses, trauma, pain and suffering. 

After you have been in a truck accident there are a few things you should never do because they might affect your compensation claim. Here is a list of the biggest mistakes after a trucking accident that you should avoid:-

  • Admitting a blunder at the site of the truck accident

It is a normal human tendency to apologize after a traumatizing accident even if you were not the one at fault. Avoid apologizing because that apology could be deemed as an admission of fault. There are several factors in an accident that prove someone’s fault so at that very moment it is difficult to determine whose fault it was, hence what someone says immediately after the accident could end up being a determining factor. 

  • Failing to get immediate medical treatment

At the time of the accident the body of the victims are in a state of shock and at that very moment they might not be aware of their real injuries. The lawyers at Siler & Ingber advise you to get yourself examined by a medical specialist just to make sure that there are no severe injuries. Delaying treatment might not be a good idea as it can damage your body permanently.  A medical report from the doctor is important when you are filing for a claim/compensation. 

  • Posting about the accident on social media

Sharing everything on social media isn’t right because it can be used against you. There are many individuals out there who share their day-to-day experiences and other information on social media. If you happen to share about your accident on social media and then a friend or a relative asks you if you are doing okay, just saying “I am Fine’ can downplay or dismiss your actual pain and injuries. Later in court the opposition might produce your comments as evidence of your injuries not being as serious as filed in the claim. The lawyers advise to stay completely mum on social media until the case is resolved. 

  • Accepting a low compensation

The injured party should not accept any kind of claim or settlement until the whole case has been studied by the lawyers. In the initial stages, the trucking company would try every possible way to make you accept a settlement as little as possible. Do not make the mistake of agreeing on something that is far less than what your claim is worth. 

  • Not contacting an experienced truck accident lawyer

The biggest mistake that an injured victim after a truck accident can do is not contact a skilled truck accident lawyer. An attorney can help you navigate the claims process and ensure that you don’t end up making any mistakes that affect the value of your claim. 

If you have been injured in a truck accident, contact Siler & Ingber’s team of attorneys. Their experience will get you the compensation that you rightfully deserve for all your injuries, trauma, pain and suffering. 


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